How to Find the Smart Lock That Fits Your Style

Safety and style aren’t exactly synonymous. When you think of securing your home, a sleek and minimal design doesn’t spring to mind. Smart locks are changing that. Using sophisticated technology to reinforce security measures, the days of clunky deadbolts that don’t align with your household aesthetic are over. With a wide range of available keyless door locks, you can feel confident that you’ll find the form and function that’s right for you. 

Smart Locks are enhanced replacements for the standard door lock. Many of these key-free locks are equipped with Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your smart home devices. This allows for ease of use, enabling users to lock and unlock the door remotely. It also provides additional security measures, alerting owners to any activity at the designated doors. What really sets smart locks apart from a standard key and lock system is their polished design. You no longer need to compromise on style to exceed safety standards in your home. 

Smart Lock Features

Keyless entry is one of many enticing features of smart locks. Long gone are the days of forgetting your key or locking yourself out. With key-free access, owners can use their smartphone, tap the lock with their finger or even use voice activation. One less thing you need to worry about in your daily routine. Having options to lock your door remotely means going away for a weekend and knowing that you can double-check your automated smart entry from the comfort of your campsite.  

If you have friends or family dropping by, you can share your digital ‘keys’ with them through the lock’s app. Also, a great option for AirBnBs so you don’t have to constantly shuffle back and forth to your rental property for key exchange. Whatever your lifestyle, having an automated smart entry system, means freedom when it comes to securing your home. 

One of the most appealing features of a smart door lock is its ability to blend in with modern home furnishings. You spend time thinking about the design of your home, the last thing you want is a bulky lock on your door that stands out among the carefully curated surroundings. Smart locks like the Yale Conexis L1 or the Level Lock – Touch Edition allow for discreet and simple fixtures that offer exceptional protection without taking up considerable space on your door. Perfect for minimalist, modern and contemporary homes, there are a number of smart locks that can complement your style preferences. 

Three Key Considerations for Picking a Smart Lock

A keyless entry system needs to fit your life, not the other way around. You need a key-free lock that meets your needs. Here are a few considerations when choosing the lock for your home:

1. Who will be using the lock? 

If you have children that will be using the system when coming home from school, you might want to think about the options that make smart locks family-friendly such as a ‘touch to unlock’ feature. Having remote access to the lock and digital “key” exchange may also be pertinent to your needs. 

2. Do you have smart technology in your home?

 If your home is equipped with smart technology, it would be ideal to find a keyless entry system that can pair with your devices. Having your home synched up to your locking device can be a game-changer. 

3. Do you want multiple ways to unlock your door? 

Some smart locks only have one or two options to unlock your door. For many owners, having several options allows for peace of mind to make sure all family members can get in and out. For some, just having a keypad like the Schlage Encode, is the perfect fit. For others, having numerous unlocking options like the Level Lock – Touch Edition means not worrying about someone forgetting the code. 

Smart locks are changing how people secure their houses. By adding additional safety and access features, key-free locking systems create a better way to lock up. From advanced technology pairing to design integration, automated smart entry is the way of the future. 

Choosing the right smart door lock can be an important step in securing your home and should be carefully considered. Whether you are looking for something that aligns with your eye for design or something that will just make life easier when you’re coming home with an arm full of groceries, there is a smart lock for you. 

From keypads to touch systems, small and discreet, Bluetooth compatible or not, it’s essential to look at all the options and find the smart entry lock that makes the most sense for you and your family.

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