How To Embrace Individual Decor Style

Décor can liven up any space. Whether it’s a fun new velvet chair, a new floral bedspread or a new giraffe painting, why not give your home some individuality? Purchase a big eclectic and colorful painting for your windowless wall, or visit some flea markets to find an antique décor piece to put on your dining room table. The true interior design skill, however, comes with the ability not to clutter. While empty spaceis boring, you don’t want to turn your home into an I-Spy game, either. Chances are, an overbearing room will onlymake you and your guests dizzy. Complement your room’s interior design with minimal décor, and whether you put up a DIY painting in your bedroom or pop a glass vase on your kitchen table, keep it simple. Here are a few fun and unique interior design ideas that will liven up any room while keeping it simple and classy.

Vintage Finds

Finding a unique vintage item at a thrift store or flea market may be just what your room needs. After all, these items can change the aspect of your room altogether! However, there is a fine line between an displaying antique décor piece and turning your home into a museum. Some choose to layeras their go-to interior design tactic, but in order tomaintain a minimalistic and beautifully curated room, don’t overdoit. When you find that one unique and vintage art piece at your local weekend flea market, leave it for a special focal point.For example, if you find a beautiful candelabrum that will look perfect above your fireplace, do not place another fivebesidesit.  Also, even if the rest of your interior design is contemporary and modern, mixing and matching between different eras is a great way to bring out some individuality in the room’s interior design.

DIY Additions

If you are feeling creative, you should DIY an art piece for your living room or bedroom. Your blank walls need an art piece, and lucky for you, there are a vast variety of DIY art projects you can find for inspiration online. Another option is to freestyle it with a blank canvas and paintbrush. Whether you choose to create some cool typography or some other abstract piece, remember, there is no need to overdoit. Create your staple piece and leave it at that. A DIY wall piece or sculpture is also a great gift idea, given how unique it is.

Event Mementos

Imagine you just came back from an incredible concertand bought a poster as a reminder of your epic night. What do you do with the poster? The answer is simple – why not put it up on your bedroom wall? A concert poster is a great way to add some individuality to a room, while also keeping your interior design décor interesting. Next time you are browsing ticket sales and go to an event, ensure youbring back a memento that will look great in your home. You could even buy a vinyl record for your living room record player, which will give your room that extra personality. Itwill serve as the perfect reminder for the eventand will give your room a different edge than before. Keep in mind, as with all décor items, a select few are more than enough. One music poster will look cool, maybe even two, but don’t fill up the entire space with them.

Even if your home is designedwith minimalism in mind, it doesn’t mean it won’t leave an impact. Minimalism takes your tasteful décor choices and makes them stand out even more. After all, are you more likely to notice your staple DIY painting if seven others are surroundingit, or if it is a stand-alone? Find your unique décor pieces and let them be a focal point for everyone that walks intothat particular room. If your décor piece is a vintage pink elephant which youfound at your flea market, put it in the middle of your dining room table. The unique finds make great accent pieces.

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