How to Start a Minimalistic Lifestyle: Declutter when Moving House

Whether you are a self-confessed vintage lover, a fan of ‘Scandinavian chique’ or even a bargain basement addict, it can all become too much. Soon enough, our homes become cluttered and over-stuffed, causing stress and anxiety to our lives. What should be an oasis of calm is, instead, havoc on our minds. Therefore, transitioning into a minimalistic way of life should be heavily considered. Not only does it help keep order in the household, while oozing style and sophistication, but it’s also kinder on the human psyche. Rather than living in chaos, you should be living in seamless luxury.

Cleaning the house, however, can be painful for most. Not only is it time-consuming, but it is also stressful and difficult – suddenly, you’re faced with the decision of what’s worth keeping and what is not. Although the latter seems intimidating, it is the number one move to leading a more soothing, minimalistic lifestyle.

If you are moving house, though, this is the ideal opportunity for you to make these changes to your lifestyle. Not only will it improve the moving process (fewer boxes to pack and move from A to B), but it’ll give you a cleaner, fresher canvas to work with in your new abode. Perfect, right? Here’s how to declutter your home for a minimalistic way of life.

It Does Not Have to be Overwhelming

Keep it simple. Over time, we become attached to our belongings, and with good reason. After all, we’ve kept these possessions for a reason and casting them aside seems heartless. You need to ask yourself, though, ‘do you need to keep your four copies of Pride and Prejudice?’ When you’re packing, make sure to have a throw or sell pile – once it’s full, either go online and find a buyer or conduct a yard sale. Throughout the process, be brutal. Of course, you may wish to hang onto photo frames showcasing special moments, but if you no longer care about the porcelain dog sat on your mantle place for five years, give it to a friend or give it to charity.

You will also wish to consider the new house you’re moving into; for example, are you downsizing, because if so, you’ll want to be heavy-handed in your decluttering. Also, consider the actual space you’re moving into and how they’ve decorated the apartment or house. For example, if you’re moving to one of the Boston luxury apartments, then you’ll want to keep the apartment as stylish and minimalistic as possible, so the apartment’s features speak for themselves.

Keep Décor in Mind

When moving, keep in mind the décor of the house you’ve bought or rented. Of course, you may wish to repaint the entire property, but if you don’t, then ensure you know what pre-existing possession will work and where. For example, if you’re moving into a house with a delicate color-scheme, you should consider which belongings are going to stand out too much or ruin the ambience you’re hoping to create.

Have Fun

Moving home does not have to be as stressful as you’re led to believe. Moving home means a new start, so make sure you start afresh and create the home you’ve already longed for and wanted. Bin any possessions that are more of a burden than an enjoyment to keep, update your lifestyle, and lead a more blissful and enjoyable, minimalistic way of life.

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