How to Choose an Architect

“There’s no place like home”.

That quote may have you affectionately recalling The Wizard of Oz movie and have you humming along with Dorothy to “Somewhere, over the rainbow”.

Or it may start you dreaming about how you would like your dream home to look.

When it comes to residential architectural styles you want to make sure that your chosen architect has some expertise in the style you desire.

The Value of an Architect

There are countless ways an Architect adds value to any new building project:

  • Complex planning requirements and regulations may need to be met,
  • Maximising the best features of the building site in terms of utilizing natural light, space, and storage, 
  • Knowledge and research of appropriate materials, fixtures, and finishes, and
  • When required, designing specific furniture and joinery to match other building features

An Architect not only adds value in design but also to the financial value of your build. Your home is your most valuable asset and a quality Architects name (and reputation) on its own can ensure your home’s value stays ahead of the market. 

But more importantly, is the value that a great design adds to the quality of your life. When an Architect understands you and what you are wanting in your home, you will have a build that provides a sense of wellbeing and an emotional attachment that will have you quoting, “There’s no place like home”.

Don’t Rush your Choice of Architect

Be prepared to take your time and look around. Just because a close friend or relative recommended a specific firm, doesn’t mean that practice will have a natural style that is a match for you.

Take the time to look through their current portfolio of work and watch for features that catch your eye like a certain material, an exterior profile, or a perfectly framed view.

Do you like what you see?

If you do, that’s a great start. When looking at images of their work, look past things like furniture and art as they are usually outside the architect’s control. But keep looking, the next practice may have a style you find even more attractive. Remember, you are going to have to live with the result.

What is it that you want?

Make sure you have a clear idea of what you are wanting in terms of style and materials. Make sure you choose an Architect with experience and a portfolio of work with your requirements.

Ask friends and family

If you have been in a newly designed house and felt like you wanted to move in straight away, it probably means that many of the Architects’ configurations resonate with you. So that practice should definitely be on your shortlist.

Make sure you ask the friend or family member how comfortable they felt working with the Architect, ask questions like:

  • Did you feel listened to? 
  • Was your brief met?
  •  What value did the architect bring? 

Visit the Architects’ Completed Works

Ask if you can visit one of the publicly accessible buildings they have completed. Do you like the materials used? What about the space available, and the fixtures and fittings? Remember some of what you see may have been the choice of the client rather than the Architect, but experiencing a completed project gives you a sense of their work.

Taking the time to choose an Architect who is on the same page as you will create a unique result that is truly your and have you believing that there really is no place like your home.

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