How to choose a luxury mattress

Buying a new mattress is no easy task. After all, you want something that’s going to help you sleep and support your body for many nights to come. Investing in a luxury mattress is one way to ensure you’re getting the best, rewarding you with quality construction and premium materials. These beds are designed to offer you unparalleled support and comfort – that means a sleep surface that is unique to your needs, providing support where you need it most. 

Ready to find your dream mattress? Here are our top tips for sleeping success.

Let’s get personal

The best mattress is the one that provides support for your individual needs. One of the most important things to consider with a mattress is mattress feel. The three different types of mattress feel include: 

  • Plush. These beds offer a cloud-like sleep experience, gently moulding your body. They are often made from a soft comfort layer. 
  • Medium. These mattresses offer a great combination of support and comfort. They feature a less-cushioned top and are a popular choice for a range of sleeping positions.
  • Firm. These mattresses have little bounce or puffiness to it, geared for maximum support. 

One important thing to consider when looking for a mattress that suits you, is your specific sleep needs. After all, not everyone sleeps the same way! The best place to start is the position that you sleep in each night. Are you a tummy sleeper? Or do you prefer to curl up on your side? Perhaps you’re a back sleeper who doesn’t tend to move all too much during the night. Once you know your preferred sleeping position, you may want to consider other things like if you run cool or warm during the night, or have specific parts of your body that need a little extra support. With all these things in mind, you can find the right mattress that will suit your sleep needs. 

Sleep on it

Okay, maybe not literally, but it pays to take some time to really test out potential purchases in a bed store. The best way to find the right mattress feel for you is to physically try them out. Make sure to take your time, spending at least 5-10 minutes  lying on each mattress so you can get a feel for how the mattress responds to your body. 

Try rolling onto each side as you would in a typical night and, if possible, have your sleeping partner test the mattress with you to see how much partner disturbance is felt across the bed. You may also want to try out with a pillow to get a real feel for how each night will be spent in bed. 

Look at the customisation options

Do you love the sound of an adjustable base that you can use to prop yourself up while you watch TV or read a book? Perhaps you love the idea of a customised bed with each side tailored to suit your and your partner’s specific sleep needs? Make sure you explore all the different types of options there are with mattresses. 

An added layer of protection

Finally, a chat about mattresses wouldn’t be complete without a word on mattress protectors. Every bed can benefit from a good quality mattress protector. Sweat, shed skin cells and oils can all seep down into an unprotected bed, along with the occasional spilled drink. The result is a mattress that becomes stained, smelly and unhygienic over time. Popping on a soft, comfortable waterproof protector keeps your bed fresh, and gives you peace of mind should there be any unfortunate accidents in the bed.

Add those finishing touches

With your mattress in mind, it’s also worth paying a little attention to the rest of your bed set-up – the right finishing touches can make all the difference in your overall sleep experience. A good bed base not only provides support for your mattress, but it can also help make your entire bed that little bit more comfortable. Then, there’s also linen. Finish off your new bed with the right sheets, quilts and pillows to make a cosy, restful space. 

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know the key things to look for when it comes to choosing your mattress, happy hunting!

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