How to Buy Safe CBD Products

Safety is essential when it comes to buying any product, but CBD products come with special concerns. The CBD market is new and growing at an alarming rate, which makes this an attractive business for everyone. Unfortunately, that includes sellers who are not exactly qualified to produce or sell CBD products. Which will not stop them from trying, of course.

Cutting corners when making CBD products can lead to contamination of the product, among other problems. Here’s what you can do to make sure you are buying quality CBD products.

1 – Look at the source of the plant

While some areas of the world do allow CBD to be extracted from cannabis, most of the CBD in the world comes from hemp. Whatever the case, both plants are known to absorb everything from the soil as it grows. As a result, any contaminants — such as fungus, heavy metals, and pesticides — found in the soil will end up in the plant, and then in your CBD product.

Try to verify where the CBD you are buying comes from, and seek to buy only from producers that source their CBD from areas where the soil undergoes regular testing. That helps make sure that the soil — and therefore your CBD — is free of contaminants.

2 – Find out the extraction method used

Getting CBD out of hemp is a complicated process, especially when you are trying to do it on a large scale. Producers who aren’t well equipped might resort to using powerful solvents like ethanol and butane to separate CBD from the hemp plant. That method is effective, but if mishandled, the solvents can contaminate the CBD, creating a product that is hazardous for your health.

Well-equipped producers use a more sophisticated extraction method that involves blasting the hemp with supercritical CO2. That allows for a controlled extraction process with zero risks of contaminating the plant with the solvent. Before you buy, check if the seller lists their extraction method used for the CBD on their home page, or on the product’s label.

3 – Look for test results

Independent testing is the best way to ensure the quality of a CBD product. Companies that are concerned with the quality of their product will invariably get it tested by third parties. And companies whose tests show consistently positive results will proudly display those results on their homepage, or even on the product’s label.

Remember to double-check the test results against the laboratory that supposedly ran the tests. There is a lot of incentive for low-quality producers to produce fake test results.

4 – Compare prices in the market

You don’t have to buy only the most expensive CBD products to be safe, but beware of deals that seem too good to be true. CBD oil cost depends on many factors, that’s why quality CBD is expensive to make. Cheap products may be contaminated or contain no CBD at all.

5 – Read reviews

Customer reviews are still one of the most powerful tools when it comes to making informed decisions. That’s why big players in the CBD world, like, make sure to display their Trustpilot-verified customer reviews on their homepage.

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