How to Build a Cabin

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Building a cabin home does not need to be a hassle. At Riverwood Cabins we have helped hundreds of people own a prefab cabin and achieve their dream.

We believe our log cabins are places where you can rejuvenate without frustration. It is our aim to help you start making memories in your new home. With this in mind, we have drawn up an outline of what to expect on your journey to your new home.

Step 1: Plan for Making Memories

Choose what you are seeking from the start– before you even buy the land if possible: hunting lodge; fishing retreat; full-time residence. Our cabin advisors like to become involved as early as possible to ensure you don’t make mistakes on the way.

Determine how often you expect to visit your cabin each year: once a week, only once a month, or many times per year. Is the cabin going to be being your full-time residence?

If you’ll be staying for a long time, there will need to be more space assigned for eating, dressing clothing, and all the other necessities of everyday life. Knowing how many will be staying in the cabin will help with planning the number of bedrooms.

If you have many young children, it may be advisable to set aside loft space or a sleeping area where they can also play. Large groups of hunting buddies may benefit from sleeping bunks. Couples prefer to have their own separate bedrooms.

If cooking and entertaining outdoors are among your passions, a broad porch will be handy for setting up the grill. Hunters would appreciate a mudroom for their boots and guns. Anglers may like a space for cleaning, storing, and preparing fresh fish.

Step 2: Choose Your Parcel of Land

The key aspects of which to be aware include the accessibility of the site; whether there are any utilities available; and if it’s a getaway you are after, the proximity of the place you choose.

Step 3: Choose the Building Method

With a cabin you have choices. At Riverwood, we offer ‘Prefab’ or ‘Modular’ options which are both built in our factory’s controlled environment and then delivered and erected on-site with a crane.

Step 4: The Cabin Style

Once you’ve selected prefab or modular you will need to choose the model that suits. How you aim to use the cabin and where it will be built will dictate the best model for you.

Step 5: The Floor Plan

With over 80 floor plans to choose from, a Riverwood Cabins advisor will advise on modifications that would meet your needs.  

Step 6: Select Your Options

You will be presented with an options list that offers an opportunity to make your cabin your own with popular options that include:

  • Hickory Flooring
  • Maple and Hickory Cabinets
  • Black Aluminum Stair Railings
  • Large Decks/Porches
  • Metal or Shingle Roofs

Step 7: Finalizing Details With a Riverwood Cabins Advisor

Armed with your cabin model, floor plan, and selected options, you can now nail down the final quote with your design specialist. He or she will email or mail your plans and a proposal with an exact quote. It may be your state requires you to obtain a building permit, and your advisor will work with the local authorities to make this a reality.

Step 8: Place Your Deposit

Your order can join the queue when you place a down payment and your cabin is put into the production schedule. Lead times vary with the seasons.

Step 9: Prepare The Site For Delivery

The Riverwood Cabin Advisor works with the site contractors to ensure the site is properly prepared. We will also coordinate the crane operator and let you know how much clearance will be needed on the access route.

Step 10: Delivery

On the day scheduled, your cabin will be shipped to your building site.  

Step 11: Plumbing and Power

Our crew and the contractor will coordinate to hook up the water, the sewer, the power, and any other utilities.

Step 12: Start to Make Memories

Now your cabin is ready to use. There’s no need for any extended building processes. You are able to begin making your memories!

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