How to Add Mid-Century Furniture Without Going Broke

Every time you think of mid-modern century furniture, the hefty price tag has to be a concern. The furniture has cut out a niche for itself and even with the premium cost for premium furniture, some people still decide they must have it. But, people are different and so are their spending habits. If you still want to have that Mid-Century modern look without going bankrupt, it is possible.

Shop Online

The beauty of shopping online is that they do all the homework for you and all you have to do is make the purchase. Even more important, there stores that specialize in selling second hand mid-century modern furniture which would typically cost less. Because of the design of this furniture, you don’t have to worry about aesthetics especially when the furniture has been treated well.

If you would rather get new furniture, online stores which offer discounts and sales can be a great way of landing your preferred type of furniture without landing yourself in a financial mess. However, to make the most of this, you have to time your purchase very carefully.

Bring Wood Back

Modern furniture is mainly build from pressed wood. This has taken away the authentic look that wood brings. One way to bring that Mid-Century look into your home is by letting real wood take center stage in your home. The pieces you get for this don’t have to be real Mid-century pieces but they should have that high-quality fine finish that is synonymous with the 50’s. If the piece is made from Oak, Rosewood or teak even better.

If that George Nelson piece is out of your budget, you can look for high quality replicas that will only cost you a fraction of the cost but will bring that look. However you should know that unlike authentic pieces, the replica might not last. If you’re shopping from Canada you might want to visit Emfurn Canada for modern furniture reproductions.


The mid-modern appeal is not only achieved by having an Eero Saarinen sitting in the middle of the room. You can start by remodeling your space and knocking down some walls to give your space a more open feeling and an airy floor plan that characterizes mid-century homes.

Other items that could help you get closer to your desired appeal is having a huge floor to ceiling fireplace, or you can go for the more simpler things like adding a mirror in the kitchen or living room or using creative wallpapers. The plan is to use your creativity to come with cost effective ways that will help you attain your goal without spending much.

Get the lighting right

One of the easiest ways of getting that Mid-century modern look without breaking the bank is by getting your lights right. Lighting is an essential part of mid-century modern furniture. Go for the unique pendant lights and fixtures that are artistic and functional. If your budget allows, you can even have these custom-made to fit your space. With the right lighting you will be able to get the perfect hue that matches the Mid-century modern look. If possible, you might want to go for more of bold lighting. It will help to make the furniture look more authentic.

Hit the flea market

You will be surprised to find out what people sell in these markets. You can land yourself a master piece at a throw away price. Of course you are not going to be lucky enough to land something interesting every time you go to the flea market so you should be ready to pay a number of visits. You might also want to visit the vintage shops and visiting a concoction of stores that mimic the mid-century modern designs. All these are great but very affordable ways that you could see your living your mid-century modern dream on a dime.

Focus on the small details

Modern looks are clean and simple. You need to pay attention to the details or your efforts will go to waste. Having simple artistic metal wall plaques or even large artistic canvas on the wall can help you create a statement and bring more relevance to the room. You will also need to declutter the walls and instead of having multiple small pieces of artwork, have standalone large ones preferably with high end options.

Even though it is every body’s dream to own an Arne Jacobsen, budgets might tie as down but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find other ways to leave your mid-century modern dream. With these clever tips, even on a budget, lots of patience and a little bit of luck, you should be able to get a couple of great mid-century furniture on a budget and also fine tune that mid-century look.

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