How Professional Pest Control Specialist in Malaysia Get Rid of Termite Infestation

Termites are tiny worm-like creatures that establish large colonies underground. The naked eye does not easily see them, but they can cause severe damage to your premises and furniture. If you happen to have seen termites around your property, it is time to call in the experts such as Empire Pest Control. This pest control service provider based in Malaysia can handle your termite problem and eradicate these pesky insects before they can wreak havoc on your property and cause damage that is beyond repair.

The longer you wait, the worse the problem and infestation can get. However, before you go and call in the professionals for help, it’s good to know what exactly they’ll do to treat your home in Malaysia from these termites, so you can get a better insight into their process. Want to learn more? Check out below! 

The Process of Termite Treatment

Termite treatment conducted by the pest control professionals in Malaysia is a step-by-step process that ensures their customer’s safety. The professionals follow a well-organized plan and only utilize solutions and equipment that are proven safe and effective by the FDA.

Step 1: Inspection of the Infestation 

Before proceeding with the treatment, the exterminators will come into your property and conduct a thorough inspection to see what type of termite they’re dealing with (dry wood or subterranean termites) since this is what determines which kind of insecticide they’re going to use. Furthermore, they will also check the severity of the problem to help them assess which would be the best approach to eradicate this termite.

During this inspection, your exterminators will also try to locate the termite colony by utilizing highly trained dogs to sniff out termites and other modern devices specialized for the task. Each information taken will be placed into a data sheet where the professionals will form a plan to properly deal with the situation. 

Step 2: Sealing of Pest Entry Points

The second step of the process is sealing off any entry points where the termites may have gone through. Doing so will ensure that no more pests could get in your house or office while treatment is being conducted.

Your professional pest control company will utilize strong and durable sealants to withstand harsh weather conditions, time and creatures that may try to gnaw through (such as rats). They’ll then place this sealant on any gaps, cracks and holes in both your interior and exterior walls. If you happen to have spaces on your window frame, they’ll place it there as well.

Step 3: Extermination of Termites

Once everything is set, the extermination process will begin. Your exterminators will start off by taking all infected furniture inside your area and place them outside right under the heat of the sun since termites hate the heat and can slow them down, making it easier to eradicate them. The exterminators will then take out specialized solution sprays and apply them to all your infected furniture.

However, don’t worry because the chemicals utilized will not harm you or your furniture’s quality. After a few minutes, the termites will stop moving, and their bodies will then be removed and placed in a garbage bag.

Your exterminators will also check the termite’s colony and take it out if ever they built it inside your house. If the colony happens to be underground, they will pour in a specialized chemical that would stop the soil from being livable for termites. The termites underground will soon die since they can no longer find a place to live. Any termites left on the surface will also be killed and removed along with tunnels they have built.

Step 4: Double-Checking the Infested Area

Termites are intelligent and would hide when they sense danger, so even after the treatment, your exterminator still needs to conduct another round of inspection in infected areas and all your wooden furniture to ensure no termites have been left behind. They will also place in chemical solutions that repel termites, so no second wave of these little rascals would come back. 

Step 5: Tips and Aftercare From Your Pest Exterminators

Once the professionals have confirmed that no more termites are lurking in your area, your exterminators will leave you with tips and aftercare to help you avoid another infestation from occurring. Some would suggest taking out any dead tree stumps on your yard, trim your tree branches and consistently clean your surroundings. When this is done, you can now enjoy a pest-free Malaysian home!


Termites can indeed be a huge problem, but with the help of a great professional, you can effectively get rid of these creatures and stop them from doing expensive damages that could ruin not only your property but also your peace—having termite problems? Take action right away and call in the experts!

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