How Peel & Stick Wallpaper Can Give You A Modern Minimal Look

Wallpaper is the best way you can give classy visuals to the walls of your home. As wallpapers come in different colors, different textures, different designs, they can give the look that you are looking for. 

Wallpapers are probably the cost-effective decorative methods to make your room shine. They not only give elegance to your room, but also they make you feel brightened up and inspired whenever you take a look at the wallpapers. What is best about wallpapers is that they can be used in so many different ways. 

We have different rooms for different tasks. Wallpapers can suit the different needs as per the requirement of each room. 

Now the worry about wallpaper spoiling the paint has also disappeared as wallpapers come with their flexibility. There are peel & sticks wallpapers that you can use at your convenience, you can also remove them whenever you feel bored with the wallpaper and feel like replacing it with the new one without leaving the patch on the wall. 

There is another issue facing the people regarding the wallpaper as to how to incorporate wallpapers on the wall that can give a modern look. People are confused regarding it and they end up putting the wallpapers that don’t give them the desired look they wanted. 

We will discuss some ideas in this article that will help you give the modern look to your walls with the peel and stick wallpaper

Cover half of the wall

Covering either the top or bottom half of a wall with wallpaper is a great way to get the look without shadowing the whole space. Today this is the popular approach where half of the wall is covered with wallpaper while leaving the half as it is!! It indeed gives the classy look to your wall.  It is sort of a modern look that will never go out of style. 

Install the two pieces of paper on the wall

If you are someone who loves the wallpaper on the wall no matter what. And you look forward to covering the wall with your favourite wallpaper, instead of the one long wallpaper covering the entire wall, you can install the two wallpaper on the wall with half of the wall covered with the different wallpaper than the other half of the wall. It will add more spices to your wall, giving it an elegant look. Though it is something difficult to pull off if done right, it can give an amazing look to your wall. For the strong look, you can go for the contrasting pattern such as stripes and toile, chevron, damask. For something subtle, you can go for the tone-on-tone patterns to keep them simple and similar in theme. 

Make a feature a wall

If you want to create a focal point on the wall where the eye is drawn to. You can consider the option to apply the feature wallpaper. It should create striking features on the wall. When it comes to the uses of the wallpaper, you can go for the bold or for something subtle. You can try putting it on the wall behind the TV or fireplace where it is eye-catchy. 

Wallpaper on the ceiling

If you want to create a unique look, you can go to the ceiling. What happens in most cases is that people leave the ceiling white, they don’t put any fancies on it. But it would be great fun to put wallpaper on the ceiling. If you decide to go this way, you can probably go for something bold and decorative

Apply the wallpaper to the furniture

If you want to enhance an old piece or add a bit of flair to it, You can consider applying the wallpaper to a piece of the furniture. It works on pieces that have simple lines and simple silhouettes, such as the chest of the drawers, console of the tables. 

Final words

It is great to see the elegant wallpaper on the wall. It is soothing to the eyes. You can buy the peel and stick wallpaper for your walls. They offer you great flexibility in terms of using the wallpapers and provide a better texture to walls.

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