How Often Should You Clean Your House? A Guide.

Just how often should you clean your house? If you’re asking this question, you probably want to clean when it’s necessary. Well, here’s an answer.

On average, Americans have around 5 hours of free time per day. Does it feel like much less than 5 hours for you? Then you’re probably spending a lot of that time watching TV, browsing social media, or doing other things.

However, one thing you probably aren’t doing with that free time is cleaning. But this is an important part of life that shouldn’t be neglected. So how often should you clean your house anyway? We’ll tell you the answer and more below.

How Often Should You Clean Your House?

Unfortunately, there’s no one single answer that’ll work for everyone. The answer will depend on how big your house is, how many people (and pets) live in it, what your comfort level is, and what exactly you want to clean. How often do you clean your house now? Are you happy with that, or do you want to improve? If it’s the latter, then here are some guidelines on how often you need to clean certain elements.


You sleep in these every night, and you probably even sneak in to have a rest and a small nap frequently. When you think about it, that’s a lot of time spent in bed. For that reason, you should wash your bed sheets every 1 to 2 weeks with hot water.

Bath Towels

You probably throw in your bath towels with your weekly laundry. However, these are dirtier than you think. Even after you use it three times, your bath towel will have millions of dead skin cells that have accumulated. So wash your bath towels every 3 or 4 days.


You’ll need to vacuum frequently, depending on how much foot traffic there is and how much dirt gets on the floor. It’ll also depend on which room you’re looking at. However, you should also deep clean with steaming every 6 to 12 months. If you have pets, this should be more often.


This is where you prep your food daily, so make sure it’s as clean as possible; you don’t want to get food poisoning, after all. Wipe down all the surfaces at least once a week and disinfect them as well. As for sponges and clothes, swap them out weekly.

Do a Big Clean Once or Twice a Year

Most people will accumulate a lot of junk within a year. Make it a point to assess everything at least once or twice annually so you can make cleaning easier on yourself for the rest of the year.

Gather up everything you don’t need anymore, and you can easily get it removed by professionals. Take a look at this same-day rubbish removal homepage to find out more.

Make Cleaning Your House Easier With Our Tips

So how often should you clean your house? It really depends on your habits and household. But generally, you should take care of most things on a weekly or monthly basis, and then do a big clean once or twice a year. By following these tips, your house will be much cleaner and healthier to live in.

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