How Minimalist Web Design Achieving More with Less

In our modern-day world, there seems to be a big focus on more, more, and more. However, you won’t be finding much of that here in this article. In fact, we’re going to be talking about the strengths of minimalistic design when it comes to web design. This is especially true when it comes to online casino websites and the way in which they operate.

It’s a fact that minimalistic design loads faster than other types of websites. Designers make use of white space and large, bold images. By decreasing the number of elements, designers decrease load times on browsers. So, if for example, Casumo Canada’s website had a bunch of ads on it, it would be very slow and unpleasant to use. Luckily that is not the case. 

Does bigger really mean better?

Our consumer society is focused on making everything bigger, more complicated, and fancier. In web design, however, there is a school of thought that is opposed to making everything noisier than it needs to be. That is where minimalist website designs come in. The makers of these websites hold fast to the rule “less is more”, and it manifests as a better user experience.

Just because the websites have fewer elements doesn’t mean that they’re barren or uninteresting. On the contrary, these website designers are extremely skilled when they make their “less is more website designs“. Images are usually large, text is typically big and bold, and the contrasts are sharp, but pleasing. Minimalist web designs often make better use of space that other design philosophies.

What advantages does a minimalist web design offer?

Believe it or not, but there are actually many advantages that the “less is more” concept has over the bigger is better mentality when it comes to website design. Kevin N. Cochran, an expert in his field with years of experience, will certainly agree with and understand these advantages.

The first advantage is that websites that were designed from a minimalistic perspective are easier to navigate and use than other types of websites. The minimalistic design just ensures that your screen is less cluttered, and thus easier to use. This actually means that the less is more website design will save the player’s time because they don’t have to spend hours trying to navigate the website, trying to find stuff.

Another advantage of the minimalistic design is that these kinds of websites tend to require less time to make. Designers can spend less time on the HTML and CSS and focus on JavaScript or Node work. It frees up developers for function development instead of trying to design noisy element layouts. Of course, this causes the experience of using the website to be that much better because of it.

Complex and slow websites can especially be a bother to gamblers that take part in live tournaments online. The unnecessary elements of the website will end up taking up all of the bandwidth, leaving very little for the actual video streaming. In this case, using a minimalistic design would help to improve the video stream as well as the gambling experience in general.

The last advantage of using less is more website design is that simpler websites are easier to port to other devices and browsers. This means that a simple website would be far easier to use on mobile devices. It also means that they will be more likely to work on mobile devices.


Minimalism is a trend with a lot of advantages, both for consumers and designers. It’s unlikely that we’ll see a shift back into the noisier web design philosophy of the early aughts, but anything can happen. The landscape of the internet is in constant evolution.

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