How Lighted Mirrors Can Complement A Minimalist Home

Lighted mirrors or illuminated mirrors are mirrors that have lights on the sides. Depending on the style, these lights are placed on either two sides or all sides of the mirror. Lighted mirrors are usually installed in a homeowner’s bathroom or vanity area. If you’re living in a minimalist home or are planning to redesign your home to achieve a minimalist look, lighted mirrors can be an excellent investment. 

But What’s A Minimalist Home?

Before you start looking for lighted mirrors in the nearest home depot, it’s vital that you know what is a minimalist home first. This information will give you a clearer idea of how should you style your home and how a lighted mirror can complement such style.

In its simplest sense, a minimalist home uses the least amount of furniture and appliances without compromising the functionality of the home and the comfort of the people living in it. Here are the five elements of a minimalist home:

  • It has a simple floor layout
  • It uses uncomplicated cladding and simple wall finishes
  • It has airy, clean, and light-filled spaces
  • It uses simple detailing as its decor
  • Appliances and furniture are used for aesthetics and functionality

So Why Use Lighted Mirrors?

Your home will never be complete without mirrors. Regardless if you’re living alone or with your entire family, you will need to use a mirror every day. Instead of using a conventional mirror, purchase lighted mirrors as these can complement your minimalist home. Here’s how:

1.    You’ll Save Space

When you have a minimalist home, you want to only use a small amount of furniture and appliances. You don’t want to bombard any space in your home with too many decors or amenities. When you use lighted mirrors, you’ll be able to achieve this goal easier and faster. Because this upgrade combines the function of a conventional mirror and several lighting fixtures, you don’t have to look for any floor space for any standalone lamps or lights. 

2.    It’s Versatile

Your home can never achieve a minimalist look if your space is crowded with too many things. You can’t invest in bulky furniture, place all of these in one area of your home, and call yourself a minimalist. Using a lighted mirror keeps you from buying different items for different purposes. A lighted mirror is actually very versatile, allowing you to do a lot of things with it.You can use lighted mirrors to create additional storage space for your makeup, medicines or stocks of toiletries. 

Lighted mirrors are compact and can provide magnification, which means that you can use it when putting on makeup, plucking, or shaving. You won’t have to buy different types of mirrors for each of these purposes.

3.    It Fits Any Home

Most homeowners think that just because their homes are small, they can’t do anything to improve its aesthetics and theme. This is a misconception because as long as you know what decors to use and where to use them, your home will look and feel bigger regardless of the space available. If you have a small home, purchasing lighted mirrors can be an excellent investment. With the wide variety to choose from in the market, you’ll surely find one that fits your space. You can find lighted mirrors that can work perfectly in your bathroom or bedroom!

4.    It Can Lower Your Energy Bills 

Having a minimalist home will be better if you’re also paying for minimal electricity bills. As much as possible, you don’t want the minimalism trend to only apply in your home’s theme. Using lighted mirrors allows you to save money from paying high energy bills. Lighted mirrors use LED lighting, which consumes less electricity and can last for more than 40,000 hours. Traditional bathroom lighting fixtures use a lot of electricity and only has a lifespan of 1,200 hours.

5.    It Provides Style

A minimalist home will use the least appliances and furniture, but you would still want everything to look good. More often than not, you’re willing to exert time and effort to make your home look good so its value can increase over time. Lighted mirrors aren’t only functional; they can also serve as a focal point in any space in your home. When you place a lighted mirror in your bathroom, you don’t need to add any more knick-knacks for this area to create a statement. Lighted mirrors are more than enough to do the trick! 

Look For Options

Once you’re convinced that lighted mirrors can bring out the best in a minimalist home, start scouting for this product in the market. Scout for options and compare the prices and services included in the cost. Take your time to choose so you’ll end up buying the best lighted mirrors for your minimalist home!

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