How does seamless plumbing work?

The field of plumbing continues to evolve with new discoveries, indeed to facilitate even more life, professionals have designed the seamless plumbing system that facilitates the assembly of plumbing equipment, installation of plumbing pipes and faucets. With these inventions, it is possible to install oneself the elements of its plumbing, but for more safety and work according to the norms, it is always advisable to contact a competent craftsman. 

Seamless plumbing work, such as installing faucets or connecting to a shower, is very easy. No need to take out all your welding equipment, just have some basic tools and carefully follow the steps of our explanatory videos.

Here are the steps to connect a seamless copper plumbing, with the example of a faucet:

  • Installation of the connection
  • Connection to the tap

How to install seamless plumbing?

It is necessary to have all the tools for repair work and installation of seamless plumbing such as a screwdriver, a bubble level, sealing tape, an adjustable wrench, pliers, a drill with play drill and a tube cutter and most importantly a plumber

Plumbing without welding is often used for the installation of a faucet, in this case the work will be done in 2 stages, the first is to put in place the connection and to do this it is necessary to start by unscrewing the fitting, measuring the length T of the required pipe and cut according to the measurement taken before using a pipe cutter.

Then screw the lower part of the pipe with the old installation by fitting the T with the upper part of the pipe. The second step is the connection to the faucet, for this step make marks on the wall to use as benchmarks in order to drill the holes and peg. 

Place the valve in the axis of the fitting and drill a hole and then peg, then screw the rosette manually and install the hose on the rosette before connecting to the pipe. Using a sealing tape, cover the valve thread and screw in the valve. This type of approach is also valid for larger works such as the renovation of a bathroom.

What is the PER fitting?

PER stands for Reticulated Polyethylene, this material is often used for fixing and mounting plumbing without welding. It is easy to assemble and reliable because it will allow the installation to have a long life with its system that does not retain the limestone. 

The PER fitting adapts to all fittings and is an easy option to save money on installation specifications for plumbing fixtures. This product is available in DIY stores, it should be noted that the PER connection comes in two colors, the blue color is intended for cold water and the red for hot water.

Be aware that there are several types of PER fitting, slip fitting, snap fitting or screw fitting, each has its advantages and disadvantages. It is strongly recommended that people who use the slip fitting to buy the clamp that will allow you to tighten the connections, plus you will save a lot of time and that for a few tens of euros.

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