Here’s Why Hiring a Cleaner is Worth The Money

When you want to reclaim your time and use it for something more profitable or more enjoyable, calling up Simply maid and letting their team do your house cleaning is a great idea. You may initially want to scoff at spending money to have something done that you could do for yourself, but the economics actually work.

The Cost and Benefit

On the average, a house cleaner is going to charge between $15 and $45 per hour. There is a good chance that you can make that side hustling or by doing some freelance work. This kind of work will also likely be more enjoyable for you than scrubbing toilets and baseboards.

Another benefit is that you can spend more time with your family, which can enrich your children’s home education. How much would you pay to spend an extra hour reading with your kids, or snuggled up with your spouse just enjoying the life you’ve built together? Probably a lot more than a house cleaner will charge!

Pro Economics

You know what your hourly pay grade is if you have ever done the math on what you make at your job or profession versus how much time you put in. Does a house cleaner’s rate compare with that? In many cases, they charge a lot less than you would have to pay yourself if you were hiring yourself.

But it goes deeper than just one hour for one hour. You also have to consider that a professional is going to work more efficiently than an amateur. Sure, you can tinker around with your car when something goes wrong, but your mechanic could likely get it knocked out in an hour or so. You can mow your own lawn, but the professionals can turn a 45-minute task for you into less than 10 minutes for them.

A professional house cleaner or team can take advantage of more advanced strategies that you’ll likely know. This means it may take them 40 minutes per person to do what you might take an hour or more doing. This already tacks on a 33 percent increase in efficiency.

Risk Adjustment

If you have ever dealt with insurance or getting a loan, you know that risk is a big part of any financial calculation. Hiring an independent contractor may be cheaper, but you also have to account for the nice things you have in your home. Companies tend to do very well with protecting you and reducing your risks of loss by being bonded and insured. Moreover, they have experience in dealing with the types of losses that house cleaning tends to create.

If something precious breaks, a company will be insured and cover you. If they accidentally hired a less-than-scrupulous cleaner and something valuable goes missing, you will also be compensated. What many people never think about is, what happens if you accidentally break or lose something valuable? There won’t be any compensation there, and this means that cleaning your own home may impose a financial risk that you can avoid.

The house cleaning industry is rapidly growing as more people are understanding that professionals can clean better than any amateur. Plus, it’ll save loads of time!

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