High-Quality Cashmere Cardigan Online from Quinn

It’s important to take fabrics into account when you’re buying clothing, especially when you’re shopping online. Is a cashmere cardigan your best option, or would you be happier with a wool cardigan? Quinn believes that cashmere is the best material for cardigans for a number of reasons. 

* Cashmere cardigans are much warmer than cardigans made from wool. In fact, they provide eight times the insulation! Even if you’re in a cold region, the right cardigan can keep you warm and cozy.

* Wool tends to be thick and heavy, which means that woolen cardigans can be bulky or difficult to wear. In contrast, cashmere is a light material. It’s able to keep you warm without adding bulk thanks to its insulating qualities. 

* Not only is cashmere warmer than wool, but it’s also softer. In fact, once you touch one of Quinn’s cashmere cardigans, you may not want to wear anything else. 

* Many wool cardigans can feel itchy or scratchy against the skin. Cashmere has a higher density of fibers than wool does, and because of that, it’s much more comfortable to wear. Best of all, the fabric will continue to feel soft no matter how many times it’s washed or worn. 

* Quinn’s cardigans are made to last. Even if you buy a premium-quality cardigan made from wool, it may not last as long as one gorgeous cashmere cardigan. If you’re looking to invest in a better wardrobe, you’ll want a high-quality cardigan like this. 

Get the Best Cashmere Cardigans from Quinn 

If you’re going to be buying yourself a high-quality cardigan, you’ll find no better option than Quinn’s cashmere cardigan. The cashmere used for Quinn’s cardigans is sourced from Inner Mongolia, which is where about 40% of the world’s cashmere comes from. Every last detail, from the yarn to the stitching, is considered during the design and manufacturing process. 

While there are plenty of brands that offer cardigans made from cashmere, you’ll get a much better product when you buy from Quinn. Our cardigans stand out because:

1. Longer Fibers: The length of cashmere fibers has a major impact on quality. When fibers are long, the fabric is less likely to pill, which means it will hold up better over time. Quinn collects fibers from the neck or underbelly of goats, leaving us with fibers with an average length of 28 to 42 mm. 

2. Ideal Fabric Thickness: Thickness is another factor that can have a significant impact on the overall quality of cashmere. Generally speaking, high-quality cashmere will have a thickness that falls between 14 and 15.5 microns. If you measure the thickness of one of our cashmere cardigans, you can trust that it will be under 15.5 microns.

3. No Resin: There are brands that try to make cardigans feel softer by adding resin. Quinn’s goal is to sell high-quality products, not achieve short-term success with gimmicks and tricks. The cashmere cardigan from Quinn has no added resin and will continue to feel great even when you wear it again and again. 

4. Two-Ply Knitting: Quinn uses two-ply knitting for all cashmere cardigans. With this process, two strands of yard are twisted together, increasing the durability of the knit and locking in extra warmth. They are committing to delivering products that their customers can wear and enjoy for years. 

5. Virgin Fibers: Have you ever seen a cashmere product at a price point that seemed too good to be true? Some brands are able to offer rock-bottom prices because they use waste and recycled materials to make their products. When Quinn makes cardigans, they always use virgin fibers that have never been woven before. That’s why their cardigans are incredibly soft, sturdy, and warm. 

Caring for Your Cashmere Cardigan

If you have a cardigan that you love, you’ll want to make sure you care for it properly. Does your cardigan need to be dry cleaned? Should your cardigans be hand-washed, or can you just throw them in the washing machine. 

We recommend that you hand-wash your cardigans in cool water, using a delicate detergent that’s designed to clean materials like cashmere. The cardigan should be turned inside out prior to washing, and it should never be bleached. 

When washing, you should allow your cardigan to soak for several hours. Afterward, you should rinse the cardigan until there’s no longer a lather. If you would prefer to have your cardigans dry cleaned, you’ll want to make sure you entrust your clothing to an expert that knows how to care for cashmere. Take the time to confirm that they use a mild detergent!

If you want a beautiful, high-quality cashmere cardigan, Quinn has the options you’re after. They offer stunning cardigans in a wide range of sizes and styles, all available at very reasonable prices. Best of all, when you buy one of their cardigans, you’ll know that you’re buying something that you’ll be able to use and enjoy for many years.

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