Helping You Seamlessly Downsize to a Smaller Home

Over 60% of homeowners claim that they wouldn’t mind moving to a smaller house. The trend towards smaller homes is growing every year. More people are embracing the minimalist movement than ever before. 

As the Baby Boomer generation moves into retirement, they no longer need the large family homes that they live in. Many retirees are looking for ways to live more affordable and simplistic lifestyles and are choosing to downsize into smaller homes

Whether you are buying a condo and giving up your large family home or just looking at smaller open concept homes, the process of downsizing can be intimidating. Smaller homes mean less room to accommodate all of your things, so there is work to be done to thin out what you will take with you. In this article, we will outline a few tips that will help you seamlessly downsize to a smaller home with a minimum of stress. 

Take an Inventory

Recording every item in your home may seem like a monumental task, but it will help you to make some crucial decisions about what you need to take with you during your move. Having a list of all your things can give you a different perspective and help you keep track of what is going and what is staying. Don’t forget to include your basement and garage items in your inventory.

Eliminate Duplicates

Over time, it’s astonishing how many things you accumulate in your home. In many cases, you may end up with duplicate items that you do not need. This is the most comfortable and least stressful way to purge your home. Keep only one of your duplicates and give away, donate, or sell any copies that you don’t need.


The purging of your home can be a challenging but rewarding process. It’s tough to let go of your things, but you will need to simplify and minimize your belongings before you move. You should categorize your items into either to keep, trash, donate, or sell. 

An effective strategy is to attack one room in your home at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed. As you consider your items decide if the items are necessary if they bring you joy or you can live without them. Make sure to go through these things and get rid of what you don’t need:

  • Clothing closets
  • Linen & coat closets
  • Kitchen drawers
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Outdoor storage sheds
  • Office
  • Books & magazines
  • Decor items


Before you decide what to do with your larger furniture items, you should take the time to measure your new home. Once you have the new dimensions of each of your rooms, you will have a clearer picture of what items will fit your new home.

Have a Sale

Once you have determined what items you can part with, it’s time to make a bit of profit for your hard work. You can have a traditional garage sale or sell your items online on sites like eBay or LetGo.

Moving into a smaller home helps you create a simpler life and save you money. As you prepare to downsize, follow some of these tips to move seamlessly into your smaller home. 

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