Goldee is an intelligent lighting system interface that is catered to you and your household or office needs. Just switch out your old light switch and replace it with Goldee, remove all old bulbs and add LED lights, and finally, configure the lighting to your whims.

Be sure to scroll down for more info, and check out the video detailing the Goldee story. You can also show support for Goldee by heading over to their preorder page and becoming one of the product’s backers.


 A day with Goldee begins with a tranquil Sunrise Alarm.


Smart Off turns your lights off when you leave home, and Smart On illuminates your lights upon your arrival.


For extra comfort, Goldee works with a smartphone as well. Android and iOS


Sleep Timer gradually fades your lights and prepares you for sleep.


Night Mode turns dim light on to help you get around at nigh and Smart Security simulates your presence while you are gone.


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