The Top 5 Germiest Places in Your Office

Going to office everyday can be a pleasant experience but if you are falling sick regularly or facing any kind of health issues then it is important for you to know the top dirtiest places in your office which you should keep clean always so that you can live an active and healthy life.

Moreover knowing the places that have more amount of germs and bacteria will help you be prepared so that you can be safe and do not fall sick due to these germs that are found abundantly in the workplace. You may need to hire office cleaners in your city and pay extra attention when you are going to these places so that you will not face any kind of health problems.  The top germiest places in your office includes-


It is the most common place that is used by a large number of employees and it tends to be the germiest place in the office that provides greatest risk of health problems and diseases transmission. As the keyboards are used by a large number of people, the risk of germs spreading is higher and you will need to look for ways of dealing with this problem.

Hence it is crucial that you implement quick and effective cleaning practices that will help you eliminate the risk and for this you will need to clean the keyboards regularly so that you will not face any risk of health hazards.

Office Washroom

It is important to disinfect and sanitize your hands after going to the washroom so that you will not have to face the problems caused due to germs. It is also important that you are careful with your hygiene at the time of using the public washroom as it is place that tends to have a large number of health hazards. Finally it is crucial that you maintain good hygiene and do not be careless while following the health hazards so that you will enjoy a healthy life. The washroom should be cleaned daily if you have a lot of staff members using it, so if this isn’t being done already start enquiring about services in your area.  You can find companies who work across the country too. One example of this can be seen through Ideal Cleaning who operate throughout the East Midlands, West Midlands, London and the South, The North and pretty much everywhere in between!

Microwave Handle

It is also a very common place in the office that tends to have more germs and bacteria as it is used by many people every day and hence you should be careful when using this appliance so that you will not face any kind of health problems. Since the handles of this appliances are not cleaned and disinfected on the regular basis, you should take extra care and precautions after using the microwave so that you will not face any kind of health issues.

Coffee Machine

Every employee loves drinking coffee before kick starting their day and hence it is the dirtiest place in the office that has large amount of germs and bacteria on its surface. The pantry people might not put in efforts for cleaning the coffee machines everyday but you need to be careful before and after using it so that you do not get in direct contact with the germs on the machine.

Office Lifts

When using the elevator, you need to make sure that you do not touch its walls and you need to wash your hands after using its buttons as it is used by a large number of people who might carry deadly germs and bacteria.

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