Flags Of The World As Piecharts By Shahee Ilyas

For the longest time I have been fascinated with flags. I guess Shahee has the same or similar curiosity as this is the coolest thing I have seen done with flags in a long time. I love it!

Did take me ages to find my country’s flag though, hehe.


Flags of the world as piecharts. Each sector of these piecharts is proportional to the area of the colour on the respective flag.


Using a list of countries generated by The World Factbook database, flags of countries fetched from Wikipedia are analysed by a custom made python script to calculate the proportions of colours on each of them. That is then translated on to a piechart using another python script.


The proportions of colours on all unique flags are used to finally generate a piechart of proportions of colours for all the flags combined.


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