Finding the Top Picnic Table Supplier

My husband and I used to run a pub for over 10 years, and it was a very old building, made of Wichert material and still had the old coach steps out front that were used when dropping and fetching customers. 

The back yard area had a reasonably sized car park which leads to a massive garden. I’m talking 50 by 50 meters, it was no joke. We were one of two pubs in the village that had a garden and the only one that had a kid’s play area. 

It didn’t have it when we first arrived, but because we have children and wanted to focus on a more family-friendly environment we landscaped the area and installed a climbing frame swing set with a zip wire. This was the best decision we ever made. 

Summer days and nights were filled with people sitting, chilling and chatting till late, kids safely in the play area a mere 2meters away and everyone was relaxed. It was like a scene from a movie, and we realized early on that if the kids were taken care of, the parents would be stress-free and stay longer at the pub.

To make it comfortable we did spend some money in scattering the garden with thick and sturdy picnic tables. For some ideas to spark your inspiration look here and see some ideas of styles you can look into.

Ours were chic enough to sit and have drinks at, but strong enough to withstand a table-full of heavy plates filled with food.

They had the quality and durability we needed, but without breaking the bank. However, you know how the old saying goes, you need to spend money to make money.

Deciding on the right tables.

There are so many versions and varieties available on today’s shelves, types of wood is a factor, size, compatibility, and each supplier offering you the world to shop with them. Take your time when it comes to the final decision, you want a product that won’t need replacing in the next few years but that has some durability and more importantly, longevity. 

First, decide on the material, the tables are made in all sorts of varieties, shapes, and sizes. Some of the kinds include metal, they are popular for the endurance through all sorts of weather and with modern advances can be coated in weatherproof paint and sealant. 

Other more hardy components include concrete, recycled plastics or my favorite, wood. While the other materials are perfectly fine in their own right, wood just has a sense of comfort. A coziness that brings people together, they feel the warmth and a sense of Mother Nature’s beauty. 

For some of the top products and modernizations be sure to check out Langley Design and see merchandise that will not only enhance the character of your garden or business but add value to the property financially and aesthetically.  

4 Advantages of having a picnic table.

  • Inviting. Having outdoor seating makes people feel welcome and relaxed enough to stay and gatherThey can meet socially, have meetings if they like or simply an afternoon tea, with cakes of course.
  • Space. You’d be surprised how many people can cozy up on one picnic bench. It suits all ages and demographics and is not specific to one particular area. They can be in parks, on walkways for people to rest or simply on open fields for people running their dogs to sit while puppies run around.
  • Extra seating. Restaurants with perfectly laid up tables inside can quickly add rustic tables to the outside area for more seating. The simple addition of an umbrella and the experience is not lost due to weather conditions. 
  • Durability. One of the main reasons their popularity has increased, they are continuously made from stronger components and can withstand harsh weather patterns, even more so for those businesses near the sea.

If you are more of a DIY kind of guy who likes the challenge of a new project, you can give it a go at making your own table with the help of this tutorial, it’s simple and pretty straightforward. 

If however you are like me and can’t put two pieces of wood together, then I’d say leave it to the professionals.

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