Ergonomic and Humanized Office Space

BOS, a leading provider of workspace solutions, worked on the following Medline project to transform the building into a cutting edge workspace with 1464 ergonomic workstations and over 227 private offices:

The focus is on creating an environment without borders, as can be seen in every piece of furniture and their placement and how this entire medical office construction has taken shape.

A variety of chairs, high tables, and well lit workstations are all designed to help destress, encourage sitting and standing, plus constant movements that adhere to the principles of good office ergonomics.

All computer workstations come with ergonomic chairs and dual screen setup using monitor stands for the proper screen distance and angles.

Meline is the largest private manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies. Creating a friendly and humanized workplace at the company sets the right tone for the company’s mission to promote health and deliver life changing medical supplies to health care providers.

Author Bio: This post was written by Rosamie Cruz, an aspiring architect and freelancer writer from the beautiful city of Manilla, Philippines. During her spare time she volunteers at a local community center.

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