Ever found yourself staring at the screen from under hooded, tired eyes? Your chin resting loosely on a limp hand, mind everywhere except for where it should be focused: on the work at hand, on the looming deadline. But who can blame you? Most employees begin to feel sluggish and tired come mid-afternoon, and the drop in productivity is notable.

It’s a fact that taking a quick power nap will rejuvenate the body and mind and allow the employee to push on through those final afternoon hours. But most companies disapprove of sleeping on the job, seeing it as mere laziness, or unwillingness to work; not being a team player!

Metronaps is seeking to change that archaic mindset with the Energypod, the first chair designed uniquely for napping in the workplace. And for those worried about privacy, the pod has a shield to cover the tired employee as well as built-in speakers to play calming music, lulling the person into a relaxing repose. The pod only allows an office worker 20 minutes of rest before waking them with subtle vibrations and lights, so deadlines will still be met and meetings still be attended.

Notable companies – Google being one of them – are installing the Energypod in their campuses to reap the benefits of having well-rested employees working at their best.

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