Go Green with Electric Fireplaces

The effects of global warming are real, pushing many to move towards environmentally friendly energy sources. We all have a role to play in taking care of the environment and improving its current state. The simple decisions that each individual makes have a great effect on our environment. One such decision is replacing traditional fireplaces with electric heaters or fireplaces. Here are the top reasons why you should consider going green with electric fireplaces.

1. Using Energy Efficiently

Traditional fireplaces heat all the rooms in a home. You have no way of controlling the heat. Electric fireplaces enable zone heating, which means that you will only heat the room in use. You can change the zone when you move to a different room or heat specific rooms in use. Hence, you reduce the energy waste associated with traditional heaters. You keep the heat within the space where you need it most. You can easily switch the heat on and off depending on the temperatures outside.

It takes a while to cool off traditional fireplaces. Sometimes, you incur an additional cost of cooling down the room when the weather changes drastically.

2. Convenience and Lower Energy Bills

One benefit of reducing energy waste is reducing the monthly energy bills. If your energy costs are high, consider switching to electric heaters. The best electric fire places use modern technology that reduces the operating costs. For instance, you can spend three to 10 cents per hour depending on your choice of electric heaters. Traditional fires have a higher operating cost per hour. They require new logs every time you want to heat your space. You can reuse the logs on electric fireplaces throughout the year. In addition, you have to create space in your home to store the firewood. The storage space may be inconvenient if you have a small house or no space to store wood in your living room.

3. A Lower Carbon Footprint

The major disadvantage of wood burning stoves and fireplaces is the high carbon footprint, especially in the cold seasons. These fireplaces use firewood that emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In addition, the high consumption of firewood leads to deforestation, which has additional negative effects on the environment.

You can reduce deforestation and air pollution by switching to electric fireplaces and heaters. If every home reduces its carbon footprint by reducing wood burning, the overall positive effect on the environment will be significant. Your family is the first to benefit from the fresh air when you reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.


It is easier to pass on the responsibility of conserving the environment to other people or government authorities. However, the reality is that its current poor state is a result of poor individual decisions. You can make a positive contribution by trading in traditional heaters or fireplaces for electric fireplaces. You will not only reduce your carbon print but also reduce your energy bills. An electric fireplace is easier to operate, cost-friendly, and more efficient than a traditional fireplace.

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