The Value of an Effective Logo

Welcome to the age of the short attention span!

In their never-ending effort to cope with smartphones, iPads, email, television, DVRs and social media all vying for our notice, our brains work overtime seven days a week. If you’re tasked with marketing a product or a service to these overtaxed neurons, anything you can do to cut through the clutter to achieve instant recognition is going to be an advantage. And, this is part of the value of creating an effective logo. When linked with positive associations, the symbol tells potential customers everything they need to know.

But this is just the beginning…

Expresses Your Identity

Aside from identifying your company right away for shoppers with functioning ADHD, an effective logo can telegraph your values to the public. Consider for a moment the panda logo of the World Wildlife Federation (WWF). According to the Logo Design Love website, the Fund’s management team was aware of the need for a strong, recognizable symbol that would overcome all language barriers. As a result, they agreed the big, furry animal with her appealing, black-patched eyes would make an excellent logo as well as tell people all about their values at a glance. The right design can do this for you too, even as it identifies your organization.

First Impressions Last

When you see a stylized Applewith one bite out of it, a blue and white roundeloutlined in black, or rendering of a bluebird in flight, you know right away you’re looking something involving Apple, BMW or Twitter. Depending upon your feelings for those brands, you will then form an opinion of the object or situation—even before you interact with it. Just seeing the logo gave you an impression of what you were about to encounter. It can intrigue them to learn more.

Attracts New Customers

If yours is a new company (or at least new to potential customers) and your logo is distinctive, it can entice consumers to find out what it means and learn more about your business in the process. This can be an invaluable tool for any company trying to cut through the information overload people experience today. To leverage this fully, it’s important to strive to ensure the design is an accurate representation of your company when you work with a logo maker,You’ll also want to push to ensure it is also fresh, distinctive and pleasing in appearance.

Helps You Stand Out From Competitors

There’s nothing to keep a would-be competitor from starting up a business similar to yours in your area and naming their site similarly to yours. However, when you have a distinctive logo, your regular customers will know right away when they’ve landed at the right site. It also helps your customers who want you—and nobody else. This is why changing a good logo can be a bad idea. Once you’ve put in the work to get the world to associate you with a particular symbol, why change it? Could you imagine Coca Cola being represented in anything other than Spencerian script?

These are just four ways the value of an effective logo can manifest itself.

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