Dual Arcade Table

The Dual Arcade Coffee Table by Surface Tension is an epic piece of furniture that ensures that no gathering becomes boring and no person leaves your place without a smile on their face.

Invite your friends over for a couple of drinks and enjoy the retro-awesomeness of your favourite classic arcade games in the middle of your lounge. The high-quality veneer finish and the toughened glass of the entertainment system look great while the built-in joysticks and buttons ensure that gaming is pure nostalgic joy! The menu is easy to use, the interface and the games are configurable; you can even make a special request for customization based on your needs and requirements.


Surface tension arcade tables are designed to discreetly bring the finest contemporary personal entertainment to the heart of your living space.


Available in various finishes, combined with mysterious dark glass, these game tables cleverly conceal a vast playground in an elegantly handcrafted piece of furniture.

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