Do Ruby Sliders Really Work? Discover Everything You Need to Know

The most daunting challenge facing people who own hard surface floors is that of maintaining their quality with use. For many people, choosing to have hard surface floors is more than just an aesthetic decision. The style of living that comes with hardwood floors, tile, or even linoleum is more about quality of life than anything. 

If you are a homeowner and have decided that you would like hard surface flooring, then having that particular kind of flooring shouldn’t be something you have to suffer damage to have. The simple truth of the matter is that with hard surface flooring the potential for scruffs, scrapes, and even tears is a very real thing. 

Not only that, but it can seem overwhelming trying to find furniture that you think will help preserve the quality of your floors. No one who chooses to have hard surface floors should have to be afraid of things like rearranging furniture or even just scooting back in a chair. These normal functions should be something that you enjoy freely in your home without the worry of causing damage but the truth is, it’s all too easy to damage your hard surface flooring. 

So what is a good solution for homeowners to enjoy amenities such as hardwood flooring without having to worry about them getting damaged regularly? The answer – Ruby Sliders. 

Built to Protect

Built to protect your floors from scrapes, a ruby slider is a one size fits all solution to all of your hard surface flooring worries. The Ruby Sliders Reviews don’t lie when it comes to the ease of use and massive benefit these simple devices provide to any homeowner. Their simple design makes them uniquely fitted to apply to almost any furniture leg. With a snug fit that ensures they won’t fall off, you can apply a ruby slider to any piece of furniture and never worry about it damaging your floors again. 

What Makes Ruby Sliders So Unique?

The most unique aspect of a ruby slider is in its premium build and quality. These devices are designed to not only fit a plethora of surfaces but they are also designed to last. With a nano-weave build and industrial glue, you will never have to worry about one of them falling apart and not providing your floors with much-needed protection. 

Ruby Sliders are built with such quality that they are given up to a ten-year lifetime guarantee! If they fail you at all, send them back and you’ll get a full refund.

Effortless Glide

Another reason why Ruby Sliders will really work to help protect all of your hard floor surfaces is that they are designed to handle the weight with expert precision. This means that whether you put a chair, barstool or a couch in a set of Ruby Sliders, you never have to worry about moving them. 

Their unique design and superior build quality ensure that you can move them on hard surfaces without fear of them tearing or causing damage to your floors. This also means that you never have to worry about something as simple as a person scooting in a chair over your floors. With Ruby Sliders, any furniture will glide effortlessly across your hard surface flooring no matter the weight. 

Say Goodbye To Worry and Hello to Peace of Mind

That gut wrenching feeling directly after hearing a screeching noise as someone moves a piece of furniture over your hard surface floor is something you never have to worry about again! All the benefits and aesthetic beauty of choosing hardwood or any other kind of hard surface can now be enjoyed worry-free. 

Not only will Ruby Sliders fit almost any furniture surface to help protect, but they are also uniquely designed to stay firmly in place. There’s nothing worse than applying protection to your furniture like a felt pad that will wear away or fall off, allowing your furniture to damage your floor unexpectedly. With Ruby Sliders, they have been designed to not only fit snuggly but made with industry-grade adhesives, their protective cushioning is guaranteed to outlast and keep protecting your floors. 

So stop worrying about how to maintain the quality and health of your hard surface flooring. You deserve to have the flooring you want and not worry about it. Purchase Ruby Slippers and transform your furniture from a potential hazard to something you’ll never have to worry about again!

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