Designer’s Grill 2.0

If you have ever used a portable grill, you know that it’s not always the easiest walk in the park. They bend out of shape, rust or become so encrusted in barbecue sauce in the little nooks that you would just rather buy a new one. If this sounds all too familiar, then industrial designer Philipp Sack might have your answer.

In true designer form, he fashioned one himself, the bbq – designer’s grill 2.0. The grill features 5 pieces of solid 2mm thick stainless steel sheet that easily assemble together without screws or pliers and are dishwasher safe (hello, easy cleaning!). Side vents with the word ‘bbq’ engraved act as vents for air supply. Our favorite feature? The packaging is made up of two pieces of solid wood that double as a base for the grill and as a cutting board.

designer-bbq-02 designer-bbq-03

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