Current Trends in Home Decor

Current Trends in Home Decor

Dr. Jordan Sudberg is the CEO and Medical Director of Spine and Sports Rehabilitation and Pain Management Center in New York. Therefore, Sudberg has a vested interest in home decor, in particular, home decor that keeps people healthy and as pain-free as possible.

A good bed

People spend a solid one-third of their lives sleeping, yet many people do not spend a significant time choosing the right bed.

In fact, many people simply assume that a particular brand name is the best without thoroughly testing a bed out.

Experts say that people should choose a bed based primarily on their sleeping position. For example, if the owner sleeps on their side, they tend to need more support on their hips and shoulders.

Meanwhile, back sleepers may need a firmer mattress to keep their spine in alignment.

Finally, stomach sleepers, first of all, are recommended to shift to a different sleep position, but if they insist on sleeping on their stomach, they need a firmer mattress to support the spine.

And when it comes to purchasing a bed, a good sleep store is essential, preferably one that is attuned to the alignment of the spine.

And couples should definitely buy their bed together.

Since it can take between 30 and up to 90 days to determine if the right bed has been purchased, pay more attention to the guarantee return policy then than the price.

Remember, most people keep a bed for around 5 years or more, so take plenty of time to investigate.

Reduce pain with your bathroom

Young people don’t generally think about it, but as people get older the design of their bathroom can make a significant difference on their experience with back pain.

Over one-third of people have experienced enough back pain to hamper their lives, and roughly 8 to 10 percent experience significant back pain.

A wide bathtub, shower controls at chest height, grab bars, slip-resistant floors, non-skid rugs, shower seats, handheld showerheads and raised toilet seats may not be particularly sexy home decor, but Dr. Jordan Sudberg believes that they can save you hours of pain.

The bathroom is a particularly vulnerable part of the home.

Have a great chair for home offices

Ever since the Covid pandemic, millions of people have been working more and more at home.

However, they often do not pay near enough attention to their home office setup, in particular their office chairs.

Wise people don’t settle for a cheap office chair that costs around $50 or less at a big box store. Consider spending a minimum of around $100 to $200 and obtain a chair that is ergonomically designed for the body.

Also, seriously consider an electrical, stand-up desk which allows both sitting and standing.

Studies have shown that using a standup desk significantly reduces back pain, lowers the risk of obesity and weight gain, may lower blood sugar levels, and definitely elevates the mood and energy levels of home workers.

Although running around $200 or more, if working at home is a definite part of the job description, the employer may often offer reimbursement for significant portions of the expense.

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