Crypto traveller’s guide to Kyiv

Ukraine’s historic Bessarabsky market which operates indoors is now accepting cryptocurrencies. Locals and travellers alike can now buy fresh produce with a host of digital coins following a partnership with payments processor Paytomat. Bitcoin cash, bitcoin core and bitcoin gold are just some of the cryptocurrencies that are accepted. Purchases are done vi a QR code scan and stall owners receive their payments in fiat Ukrainian hryvnias following instant conversion.


This new cryptocurrency payment method offers its buyers a new experience and will inevitably attract crypto fanatics. It is simple to use crypto currency in every day life. Crypto currencies like bitcoin is fairly simple to use with the help of BUY Bank. For a general introduction into the topic, you can check out this how-to on buying BTC. In Ukraine there is no strict rules about utilising Bitcoin but using cryptocurrencies like these are used at your own risk. The local authorities may not assist you if someone was to steal your coins.

Visit Kyiv

It is no secret that historic European cities like Paris and Prague are great holiday destinations however, if you want to visit a city with breath-taking architecture, historic churches, busy markets and beautiful streets then you should consider visiting Kyiv, Ukraine. Last year 1.6 million people visited the city and found that landmarks were easy to access, it was easy to transport from one place to another and meals were tasty and affordable. If you would like to get a good perspective of what the city is really about, you should consider visiting the 11 Mirrors Hotel which is owned by Wladimir Klitschko and Ruslan Oleksenko. 

Many people travel to Kyiv as a means of getting to Chernobyl which is the place that the devastating nuclear event took place in 1986. 

What to do

There are many places to visit and experiences to look out for when visiting Kyiv. They have lots of amazing food, beautiful artwork and lively nightlife. When visiting, these are some of the adventures you should enjoy:

  1. Visit the ancient caves
  2. Have a look at the Byzantine architecture
  3. Take a walk down Montmartre
  4. Be sure to visit the museums

Where should you eat?

Kanapa – this is one of the best restaurants in Kyiv and serves traditional Ukrainian dishes.

Mama Manana – This is a soulful and cosy restaurant. 

People are becoming more acquainted with bitcoin in Ukraine as annual meetings and conferences are held to discuss moving forward. 


In the Ukraine, a Blockchain and Bitcoin Kiev conference is held annually in September at the Congress and Exhibition centre. The conference is organised by Smile expo. At this event, renowned international blockchain experts meet to discuss the advancement of the crypto industry, not just locally but also across the world. Representatives of the well-known high-tech companies share their experience of the blockchain integration in their respective businesses. Experts will also discuss the crypto assets control with regard to Ukrainian financial regulators intention to implement the anti-money laundering directive issued by the EU. 

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