Take Your Home Design from the Countertops

A fresh, simple approach to home design requires some forethought. Because it’s important to find one large element that makes a clean statement rather than several groupings of possessions that tend to look overdone or cluttered, the kitchen is the perfect place to start. What better element than your kitchen counters, which are already a necessity and take up considerable space, to set the tone for the whole house? Create a remarkable focal point in the kitchen with an amazing layout of exquisite countertops backed with differently colored cabinets, and prepare to be impressed. Great showpieces in materials like quartz and granite are available to make a huge statement with just a few words.

Forethought For the Best Design

Before jumping right into which type of countertops make the best addition to your home, stop and consider countertop placement, cabinet needs, and flooring. Depending on the area your kitchen occupies, your choices vary. Decide how much time you spend in your kitchen and how you use that area, how much space you want for cooking compared to just entertaining, and what colors will bring you the most pleasure. Visualize, draw out plans, and even seek some professional advice if necessary to ensure you achieve the perfect balance of form and function.

Quartz Sounds and Looks Elegant

Now that you have a plan, it’s time to consider countertops. Just the word “quartz” sounds elegant and lends the mind to picture different colors and applications. Besides being resistant to extreme heat and scratches, quartz is simple and quick to care for. While many options are available for designs and styles, when going for the simple look that makes a statement without cluttering the vision, consider solid colors like pure white or intense black. Set these countertops off with a background of walls painted the opposite degree of color and your kitchen pops before your eyes, even before you add anything else. Accomplish your objective and finish the statement with any extra splash of color you desire.

Granite Would Be Grand

For a really grand and bold statement, consider granite in your collection for unique kitchen countertop ideas. Granite is quarried from all over the world, which makes the selection of colors and natural patterns vast. With dramatic veins of dark and light nuances, choose the perfect fit for the look you are trying to achieve. Because a countertop made from granite already has all the interest and design built into it, keeping it free of clutter only enhances its clean, bright look. It doesn’t matter what design style you are looking to create, granite fits in anywhere and lasts for years.

When you are trying to achieve a clean, simple living environment that still speaks to your creative and personal side, selecting large pieces for your home makes a bold yet uncomplicated statement. Begin with kitchen countertops and branch out from there. After you decide on the overall look you are trying to achieve, choose from materials like quartz and granite to add interest and convenience. Easily carry the theme and colors throughout the rest of your home to simply and elegantly complete the look.

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