Contemporary Visual Design Learning Experience in Milan, Italy

As a key element of every business, visual design is responsible for communicating through impactful illustrations and photographs, suggestive iconography, appealing typography, colors, layout and many other details that form an experience, a relationship and an entire story for the recipient of the message. 

There are plenty of opportunities for creative minds in the world of design – behind your coffee cup, pajamas, the phone apps you use and the events you attend, there is a visual designer that puts together everything you can see, touch and sense. The current master program in visual design at RM Istituto Moda e Designis a great source of understanding what it takes to position yourself as a successful visual designer, including the theoretical and practical skills and creative power you need to possess.

Understanding the Role of Visual Designers in the Contemporary World

The world is going through one of the biggest economic expansions in the history, where businesses have more resources to invest in development and customers don’t mind spending more money on goods and services. The market is saturated with competition, meaning that businesses or anyone who wants to get attention have to work with visual designers who are able to craft an affecting story that will evoke a reaction, stimulate action and build meaningful bonds. The master program mentioned above unveils the secrets of creating constructive, honest and attention-grabbing content that flows through the desired channels and translates into desired actions. 

Aside from gaining valuable knowledge on every aspect of visual design from research to communication, you’ll get to spend ten amazing months in Milan, a dynamic Italian city filled with many points of interest, creative energy and wise minds from all over the world. ‘The principal objective of RM is to motivate talented international students to broaden their education with a modern master program in visual design in the cosmopolitan Milan,’ says Pasquale Volpe, the College Director.

Developing and Perfecting Skills

Visual designers are the problem solvers of the modern world working in areas where companies and individuals want to communicate with the public and leave a lasting impression with their presence and operations. This master course in visual design consists of lessons that cover every aspect of the industry from perfecting skills such as effective composition, proper use of typography and photography, powerful data display and prototyping to developing critical and creative mindset that will be able to conduct useful research for the purpose of generating impactful ideas, detecting possible issues and giving life to those ideas. 

Within this progressive curriculum, an army of visual experts have joined forces to transmit an abundance of knowledge, not only on technical aspects of visual design such as typography and icons and data display but also help the students to develop a creative and artistic approach with strong attention to detail which is essential for operating in areas like branding, art direction and concept generation. 

The course is built around a lot of practical work in diverse areas from commercial to cultural visual communication where the students have a chance to apply their theoretical, practical and creative knowledge to bring to life physical and digital products, editorials, as well as a wide range of events.

Professional Guidance

The course lecturers spend 200 hours on educating the students on theoretical and practical topics, so they can develop competitive skills and innovative attitude towards ideas and research that will allow them to operate in a variety of areas. 

This master in visual design is structured to help the students launch their careers the moment they leave the lecture theatre thanks to the extensive practical work guided by ten leading graphic design studios, each one providing a one-month high-profile training followed by constructive feedback that every student receives. 

The method and the project lecturers are devoted to creating visual communicators that will bring value to the world with their creative solutions while working for notable companies and individuals in any area they desire. 

Visual designers create stories that lead to meaningful consumer experience in every segment of the modern world from manufacturing companies that sell physical products to service companies and events. This contemporary course in visual design focuses on both the creative and the technical abilities that the industry requires, helping visual designers understand that their success is not measured merely in numbers but also in the impact they make with their visual communication.

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