Cleaning Mistakes Professionals Don’t Make

Cleaning seems to be a no-brainer. However, you will be surprised at how many people do it wrong. Even a few commercial cleaning service providers who claim to be “experts” in this field fail to do it the right way. So instead of trying to do it by yourself, it is more sensible to hire a cleaning company that knows what they are doing.

Like Andrew Luck, retire from the game of DIY cleaning and outsource your cleaning needs now. Here are some cleaning mistakes amateurs do, but real professionals do not:

Cleaning only visible dirt

This is a cleaning mistake that both adults and teenagers are guilty of. Most people tend to clean only those visible dirt and areas that can be easily seen. They tend to ignore hidden corners, spots underneath the furniture, and hard-to-reach areas. The problem with this cleaning habit is that it does not address eliminate more serious matters, like disease-causing germs and bacteria.Professional cleaners, on the other hand, do not commit this mistake. When they visit a client’s site, they provide thorough cleaning all over the place. They do not just simply wipe surfaces, sweep floors and windows, but they also sanitise and disinfect a given area as necessary. You can be sure that your place of business will be completely clean inside and out

Starting in the wrong area or spot

To non-cleaning experts, starting the cleaning routine in the wrong area seem harmless. Trained professionals, however, know that there is a logical reason behind following the proper cleaning “sequence”. Going from high areas down to lower parts allows a more efficient way of cleaning. It ensures that no dust and dirt from will fall on areas or surfaces that you have already cleaned.

This is an important thing to note, even when you do not clean your business premise yourself. If you hire commercial cleaners, this can be an indication of whether or not your chosen cleaners really know what they are doing. If you notice they start at random places, you certainly need to look for another cleaning team to hire.

Cleaning at the wrong time

Canonical wisdom says that there is a right time for everything. Even when it comes to cleaning a business place. Generally, you cannot perform cleaning tasks such as dusting and vacuuming during operating hours, or when you have customers within your walls. This creates a bad impression on them as it makes you look unprepared. They may also have allergic reactions to the dust flying around the room or the cleaning products being used.

When you hire professional cleaners, they can suggest the best time for them to come to your site. They can come in even after your business’ operating hours to ensure no customers will see the dirty work. They can also come at your preferred time and complete the job without causing any disruptions in your business operations.

Using the wrong cleaning tools

If you are not a trained commercial cleaner, chances are you do not have the right equipment to do the job. And even if you have the money to purchase, you may not have the knowledge about how to use it. This can be risky as some cleaning equipment can cause injuries when not used accordingly.

Moreover, certain cleaning tools come in different types and sizes depending on their use. As an amateur cleaner, you might think that all brooms look similar. For a trained cleaner, brooms for tiled floors are different from those used on hardwood floors. There is also another kind of broom specifically used for high areas in the workplace. Being unable to use these tools accordingly will decrease their cleaning efficiency.

The Takeaway

Even though cleaning seems to be a no-brainer for many, it still proves to be a job that requires skills and adequate knowledge. It is also true that you can save on trying to do the cleaning by yourself. However, hiring professional cleaners provide numerous benefits that DIY cleaning cannot match. The most important if these benefit is having the assurance that your business premises will be cleaned to the highest standards.

Suji Siv is the Managing Director and Founder of Clean Group Pty Ltd. He operates his business in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Australia. He likes to share his knowledge about the world of cleaning by writing informative articles, such as cleaning tips and hacks. When he’s not working, he spends his free time reaching out and helping others as a member of Cornerstone Community Foundation as well as the Ambassadors Of Christ Ministries.

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