Tips for Cleaning Your Home for Vacation

When you are planning a trip for fun, you may be so focused on what you are going to do when you get there that you don’t stop to think about what you need to do with your home before you leave. Cleaning your home in preparation for a vacation is vital, though, if you want to come back to a clean house that smells nice and feels comfortable.

No one wants to come home to place that is a mess and that requires a lot of work to get it back into shape, so here are some tips for cleaning your home before you leave on vacation:

  1. Take Out the Trash. One of the worst things you can when you leave your home for more than a few days is leave trash sitting in the bins. The food and other waste in there can start to rot, attract flies and smell unpleasant after a couple of days, so you want to ensure that every trash can in the house is emptied before you leave.
  2. Sweep the Floors. You want to come home to a nice, clean house, but sweeping floors also helps you to get rid of any food particles that could be left behind. If there are bits of food on the floor, then they can attract pests or begin to decay and smell rotten after a while. To avoid dealing with any of that when you return from a trip, make sure you do some sweeping before you go.
  3. Secure Pet Food. Whether you take your pets with you or leave them with someone else to care for them while you are gone, you need to deal with the pet food before your trip. Make sure all containers of food are closed and all loose pet food is cleaned up. These items can attract pests and create awful smells when left out, so take the time to clean it up before you head out.
  4. Clean Your Fridge. Food in the fridge can go bad if you are gone for more than a few days. You may want to make sure you eat the food that will expire soon or give it away to someone. You can even toss it before you empty the trash for the last time before leaving. Just make sure that you don’t come back to rancid food in your fridge, because you may be so tired from your vacation that you will eat anything that is in your fridge, and you don’t want that temptation.
  5. Hire a Cleaning Service. You may have a lot to prepare for your trip, and you may not have time to clean your home the way you would like to. In that case, you should do what a lot of people do before they vacation and hire someone to clean your home for you. Kenzie who recetnly wrote about overlooked house cleaning tips says “There are professional cleaning services in your area that you can take advantage of to do the cleaning so that you don’t need to”.
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