Clean, simple and elegant décor for your walls

Though your home décor doesn’t have to appease everyone, wouldn’t it be good to know how we’re really making people feel when welcomed into our humble abode? Graham & Brown have been experts in wallpaper and exploring the power of color and patterns for over 70 years at Graham & Brown.

The following elegant and enchanting wallpaper colors and designs are perfect to include in your minimalistic house.

Using contemporary wallpaper, you can experiment with different textures to alter the ambience of your home. With options ranging from patterns that change depending on light and shade, to paintable wallpaper, you can transform your space to fit your style in just an afternoon.

Let’s explore a few options of playing with color in our home design…..

For many, the color white portrays the feeling of security protection and cleanliness, making it the perfect shade to express change and new beginnings. The color also suggests being decisive, and it is said that the people who love the color feel the need to be fully independent and self-reliant. Use plain white wallpaper to create a harmonious sensory feel.

Wanting that elegant and refined look? One option is to use a Gloriana Pearl wallpaper, which will become an instant talking point among guests. This pearl colorway is an extremely sumptous design that is very versatile and will certainly add some real grandeur to any room.

But if you are looking to add a touch of warmth you certainly cannot go wrong with this marvelous woven textured wallpaper in taupe.

For that “wow” factor go with this classic but timeless red and cream striped pattern.

Finally, who ever said textured wallpaper was solely about functionality? You can put a glamorous spin on a classic interior trend with black walls. A glittering finish will give your room an air of sophistication, and additionally you can add brightly colored wall-dressings to intensify the look.

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