Classic Home Design Aesthetics

To bring to life a classic home design by using the theme of timelessness. There is an influence of several factors on the design flow. Follow these tips of design and the interest of design by Helen Lee Schifter.

Step number one: Functionality

Define the functionality of the space. Think of this as the ultimate roadmap to bringing the room to life. Is this for one room or the whole home? Here the purpose of each room needs to be identified. Ask, what are its uses, and who will be in the home or the room? Then figure out what pieces are a part of the classic home design that will convey the timeless theme to think about this first before aesthetics.

Step Two: Lighting and Color

So let’s talk about lighting in a classic home design. The room is supposed to be bright and filled with negative space. It draws the eye line into this space so that the eyes may rest on the classic pieces in the room helping the aesthetic. This mood of the room would be accented by a color palette of neutral colors consisting of white, black, gray, light or dark browns, and navy as colors for vocal points for the room. Vibrant colored pieces should be reserved for accessories only within the next two years.

Step Three: Natural Pieces

Natural pieces will always be the focal point in every room or home when used for this style. Natural substances like the ones found in nature help with the theme of timelessness. These items will highlight through textures, furniture pieces such as wood, stone, cotton, or fibers. Items for example like marble for stone and textures like wood or tree bark. These are the elements that guide the classic home design Aesthetic. Remembering that less is more with this style is another key to unlocking the potential of the space. Keep in mind where the indoor vegetation is in the home.

Step Four: Plan for Tech Items

Another factor to consider for a classical home design is that machinery; will be toned down. Be aware of tech items in the home from: a TV, alarm clock, or a phone charger. Think of the purpose for the tech item wherein the home. These pieces; should be strategically placed throughout the space. Blend them within the home, based on the color, or placed in a way that hides cords and is otherwise technical systems. Helen Lee Schifter is interested in this aesthetic. She thinks that tech items can be carefully placed in a way that will not steal focus from other aspects of the room. It can add a modern look to the place.

Step Five; Aesthetics are Everything

Lastly, the overall mood of the space gives a feeling of relaxation, warmth, and comfort. Make the space inviting by using: accessories, pillows, and accents that connect to nature. Most classical home designs are for the long-term, lasting for at least 3 to 5 years, in some cases 15 years.

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