Cheap House Renovations

Cheap House Renovations

The 2020 Pandemic gave a lot of people time at home like never before. With so many things being shut down for a moment, this gave many homeowners the opportunity and the time to get some house renovations done. When thinking of house renovations, some may feel that it would be too difficult or too expensive, but most will be in for a surprise to find that many DIY (do it yourself) projects can do wonders for one’s home and it does not have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, there are many cheap house renovations that can be done to improve one’s home and add value without a lot of hassle in regards to difficulty and expense. Shalom Lamm, a real estate developer, has explained and shared tips on how one can renovate their house while on a budget. Let’s take a look at some of the cheap house renovations that are most common and budget friendly.

1. A house can look new for many years to come if the vinyl siding is kept clean. Cleaning the vinyl siding on one’s home can give a little sparkle and kick to a dingy look. And, if done often as needed, the house will keep its glow continuously. In reference to cost and expense, there is really no need to hire a cleaning company nor is it necessary to buy or rent one of those power washers as one can simply get their garden hose and a cleaner that is of good quality and go for it. A power washer can cause damage to the siding. So, approaching it by way of a good “hand washing” is best and less likely to have any issues resulting in damage siding.

2. Another cheap house renovation is to seek curb appeal. Curb appeal can easily be accomplished by giving a touch up to the front door with a new paint job. Yes, repainting the front door and updating exterior accents will work like magic. The front door should be a stand out with bold color that works and go along with the other exterior accents. The front door should be the spotlight. This update for curb appeal can also include something as simple as changing the house numbers with a new design.
3. Also, a cheap house renovation that is simple but can enhance a room dramatically is to update the window treatments. Putting up new window coverings can give a new look of enchantment. Things such as new shades, rods and curtains can take a room to a whole new stratus sphere. In addition, one can consider removable wallpaper while working with those window treatments. Wallpaper of old gives many people a negative feel but updated removable wallpaper is fun and easy. One can play with designs and styles and get the look that they desire at an affordable price. And, this is all DIY (do it yourself). However, if all else fails, and one prefers to simply update the walls with a fresh coat of paint, then go for it Shalom Lamm would approve.

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