Finding cheap ways to heat your home

If your home is not cozy enough for you, then no place will ever be. Also, if your home is not cozy enough for you, then you probably aren’t doing enough to make it so. If you don’t like your bed, change it. If your sofa is uncomfortable, throw it away. If the wall is too dull, paint it with a brighter color. If your home is generally too cold especially during winter, then find a way to heat it up.

Granted controlling the temperature of a whole building can be a very expensive ordeal, that is no excuse to let yourself freeze to death. There are plenty of ways to go about it. All you have to do is look for cheaper ways to introduce some heat into your home, and you are good. You can find plenty of other viable options on all things HVAC but here are a few practical examples: 

Insulate Your Windows

Your windows may be providing you with plenty of light during the day, but they are taking out most of the heat from your house. Think of ways to keep the heat in. You could insulate them with proper insulating shades, and you will trap all the warmth inside so that your house won’t feel cold during the night. Insulating shades are available for cheap at numerous stores and online shops where you can have them custom made to fit your window. Alternatively, you can use thick curtains. They will also do the trick.

Avoid Blocking Your Radiator

The couch or the drawer blocking your radiator may be the reason you wear three sweaters in your house at midday. Make sure your radiator is not obstructed to allow warm air to travel to all corners of the room. Also, ensure that it is clean and well maintained to ensure it continues to work perfectly. If it breaks down, get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid seeking other solutions that may cost you a lot of money. Learning to fix it yourself will save you the cost of hiring a professional.

Proper Maintenance of your Home HVAC System

If you are seeking an alternative way to heat your home it is probably because you may not have taken good enough care of your HVAC system in the past. Do your best to ensure that it is always in mint condition. Regular maintenance is not that costly compared to replacing it with a new one once it is completely broken down.

Portable Heater

Investing in a portable heater may cost a lot at first, but it is a good future investment. It is only a one-time fee that will save you in the long term. It will come in handy in situations when it is needed and is an ideal back up plan. It is also a good idea to make sure that your home gets plenty of sunshine during the day so that it can last you the night with curtains closed. With a good number of windows facing the sun, this could be the cheapest method of them all since it will cost you absolutely nothing.

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