Cheap and Easy DIY Home Improvements

Don’t have the budget to spend on tradesmen or expensive upgrades but still want to update your living space? Then check out our top selection of cheap and easy DIY improvements to transform your home.

Wallpaper one wall

If you don’t have the time or budget to repaint a whole room and the existing paint job isn’t too shabby, then adding a feature wall using wallpaper will quickly transform a room. And, as you only need a single roll of wallpaper, you can opt for something pretty special. 

Maintain that fresh feel throughout your home

With all your DIY improvements making your home extra special, you will want to prolong that fresh look and feel. Regular maintenance of your home essentials, including your electrics, window locks, lights, heating and air conditioning will all ensure your house remains your ‘home, sweet home’. So, our last top tip is – don’t get caught short when it comes to changing light bulbs, fuses and air filters by bulk buying and ensuring you always have a replacement to hand; keep an eye out for an air filter discount code, to help save that bit extra. 

Knowing how to replace fuses, plugs or air filters yourself is going to save you money in the long run. 

Update your kitchen work surface

Your kitchen works hard and over time inevitable scrapes and scratches will start to show, not least on the work surface. The time will come where you need a corian worktop repair. There are also cheaper DIY ways to get your old one looking new. You can paint directly onto the work surface using chalkboard or ordinary paint, using a sealant on top. Other ideas include tiling on top of the existing work surface (use a waterproof membrane), using contact paper, textured spray paint or even create your own marble effect using concrete.

Refresh your bathroom

Installing a whole new bathroom can be a costly affair but you could clean up with just a few new additions that will give it a spa-fresh look. Simply replacing a shower curtain with a cool screen, adding a new shower head and brightening the room up with new towels, soap dishes, mats and accessories will give your bathroom a new lease of life. And don’t forget to scrub down or replace the bath sealant for a lux, spa-like gleam. 

Paint your cabinets

If your wooden furniture is starting to look a bit past its sell-by date, then bring it back to life with a tin of wood or chalk paint. Opt for a neutral colour, or choose a vibrant, contrasting shade and you will soon have a feature piece that looks designer, all at a fraction of the price of buying a replacement. 

Increase your storage capacity

Get cheap but creative with your storage and free up much-needed space throughout your home. Wooden ladders can be used as shelving or towel rails or pop up some simple shelves in a wall recess to get your books or CDs organised. You can also easily extend the storage options in your kitchen, with pull-out racks, wire shelving and even a carefully fixed lazy Susan for all your spices and cooking essentials. 

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