Canberra Bathroom Renovations on A Budget

It is anyone’s dream to live in the most luxurious home. One with open spaces, both indoors and in the outdoor areas, a lovely garden to take walks in or take a nap on a hammock under the sun, or lounge on the sofa of an open-plan living room right after using the spa bathroom that’s just been renovated. 

If this seems like a dream to you or something unachievable, think again. It can be done, and not only that, it has been done on a budget and we’re here to help you to figure how. When you are looking got inspiration, in ways to enhance the look and feel of your home, or any of its rooms, you can start by searching online, where you are presented with hundreds of selections of beautiful, chic, artistic, creative, and luxurious ideas to implement in your own space. Almost like those mentioned on this website for instance.

As amazing as these ideas are, and as much as some homeowners would like to go with it, the unfortunate thing about all of this is that if you’re not prepared to spend copious amounts of money on it, it may not be the right solution for you. 

The good news is, even though Canberra is a small town, it has several perfect modern home stores to help you pick out the items that will get you a similar looking space in your home, but for half the costs. Keep reading to find out more.

Renovating on a Budget 

Are you ready to redecorate or remodel your living spaces in the most cost-effective way? Then let’s dive in and show you how it’s done. Perhaps you need a new lounge or your bedroom has become boring and you’re looking to spruce it up. Or maybe you want to spend more time in the bathroom but can’t because you think it’s boring. The below ideas can help to bring out the best in these spaces. In this article, we will focus on the bathroom.

Focus on High-impact Areas. Let’s face it, an abundance of good-looking tiles can cost you more than a penny. Our suggestion is to limit this and focus more on the high-impact areas such as the floor. Tiles can be used to create a border around the bathroom, either by adding a strip across the middle of the walls or the top. 

When it comes to the floor, the right layout can make a huge impact. Recently the craze of zig-zag tiles has erupted in many homes in Canberra and other parts of Australia’s modern suburbs, this is because it adds a creative dimension to the mix and can be placed in any direction preferred. For that matter, hexagonal or chevron flooring looks exquisite in most spaces as well, like the examples mentioned here which emphasize the floor while keeping the walls plain:

A Coat of Paint Can Do Wonders. This is something the majority of interior decorators of contractors in Canberra, will tell you, should be the first go-to when looking for something that will change the entire feel of a room within a few hours. This one simple act can add a completely different dynamic to any space.

The point to note with this tip is that, even though you would be doing a simple, yet impactful task, it may take time and patience. This is because unlike the rest of your home, the bathroom, if it is a small space, will need to be painted meticulously, keeping in mind the details.

Unless you’re okay with cleaning up after, and going over any paint marks or splotches on surfaces not meant to have them, you should cover it with paint slowly and carefully paying attention to the borders around the mirrors, tiles, and windows.

A little paint thinner or acetone can do the trick of removing any small marks, but it’s best to avoid this. Make sure you use damp proof paint, specifically created for high-moisture walls. Otherwise, you risk mildew or mold developing on the walls and ceiling, and that a whole other project on its own.

Upgrade with Environmental Redesign.  What we mean by this point is that another way to freshen the look of the bathroom is to upgrade the items in the room, such as the bathtub, or the shower and sink taps. How about adding an electric water heater? It will conserve both energy and your electricity bills at the end of the month.

Try swapping out an old bathtub with a new spa-tub which is what most bathroom renovations include, to complete the look. Bespoke Canberra bathroom renovations are one of the best avenues to choose if you do nothing else. And do it while keeping the environment in mind, in other words, try green-living, by installing a water-saving showerhead, or hand-made soap dishes and hanging equipment.

Replace the Grout. Have you ever noticed how dirty the grout between floor tiles gets if you don’t clean it regularly? Sometimes it also cracks and looks messy after wear and tear. Another easy and budget-friendly way of making your bathroom look new again is by replacing the grout. 

All you need to spend money on is the grout itself, which you can purchase from a home store and it comes in a tube with a nozzle. All you do its clean the surface properly with a brush and some cleaning liquid, using small circular strokes, once its as clean and possible, and dried out completely, cover it with clean lines of the caulk from the tube, and let it dry untouched for the entirety of the day.

When you go back to visit your bathroom, you will be surprised at what a beautiful difference this small act has made.    

There you have it, 4 simple yet effective budget0friendly ways to take the ‘boring’ out of your bathroom, so you can spend more time in it! 

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