BLANCO Farmhouse Sink

BLANCO’s QUATRUS R15 ERGON Apron Super Single sink features a transitional, geometric design that’s a refresh of the classic farm sink and a great fit for the everyday needs of most practical kitchens. With a generous radius, rear-positioned drain hole, and high ledge for custom accessories, the QUATRUS R15 ERGON offers up maximum workspace in, under, and on top of the sink to help limit countertop clutter and free up workspace.

“The Farmhouse Sink with its massive, distinctive apron is the archetype of a sink. We’re familiar with it from back in grandma’s day. And it’s very robust and very spacious and universally usable, and no other type of sink can do that. That was well-known earlier in traditional kitchen styles, but today with the new materials, in stainless steel, in Silgranit, we also get a very modern look that can also be easily combined with modern, minimalist kitchens. And the additional outfitting with accessories, boards that you can insert or draining racks, or how you can use the large volume for many different activities make the product so incredibly functional. And although it’s so unpretentious, it’s a lot of fun to work with it,” Brigitte Ziemann, BLANCO’s head of design shares.

Visit blancoamerica.com to see their full range of sinks.

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