Black Kitchens: 5 Minimalist Style Tips

Black kitchens are one of the most popular directions people go in when looking to decorate this important room in the minimalist style. Without proper planning, however, things can quickly go off course, leading to an overwhelming mess. It’s easily avoidable, though, so keep reading and we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know to style your black minimalist kitchen!

Illuminate with Black Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

First things first. They’re often overlooked but you can quickly make or break your minimalist kitchen if you go wrong with the lighting. For too many it’s the last piece of the puzzle, when it should actually be your starting point. Properly chosen black kitchen pendant lights will set the minimalist tone and style direction for the entire rest of the room.

To keep things minimal, look for black kitchen pendant lighting that makes the most of its form. For that, you’ll definitely want to start your browsing with mini pendants, particularly those of the smallest variety. The category is defined as pendants with a diameter of 12 inches or less, but for your minimalist purposes, go even smaller and start with 8 inches and below.

With the small size of these black kitchen pendants, you’ll need to choose fixture shapes which make the most of what they have. Try those in the shape of a dome, bell, or cone. They’ll focus the light downwards, keeping the illumination where you need it. If the room already has plenty of light, then cylinders would be an even better choice as they’ll have the smallest diameters available on the market.

Contrast with White Countertops

You’re probably thinking “white countertops, but this is supposed to be about black kitchens?” True, but by going with a contrasting, simplistic color like white for your countertops you’ll avoid the overbearing feeling that having too much of a single color (particularly black) can create.

Overwhelming yourself and visitors is of course the last thing you want in a minimalist kitchen. Keep with the theme by sticking to a basic countertop that will fit your needs without being costly or drawing in the eye too much.

Minimalize Your Cabinets

Keep things cheap by sticking with your existing cabinets and simply giving them a fresh coat of paint, either in black or white. Combined with properly chosen pendants and white countertops, you’ll keep things on style without featuring too many different colors.

Removing your cabinet doors is a great way to move your kitchen towards the minimalist design style without spending a penny. You’ll also make things more functional, and give the room a more open feel that will make it much more enjoyable.

Eliminate or Put Away the Knick Knacks

Free up your counter space and keep away the clutter by getting rid of the unnecessary items you’ve got filling up your kitchen. This also includes things clogging up your drawers that aren’t actually serving a purpose.

Go through every item in the room with anyone else who lives in your home one by one. Ask when the last time each piece was used. If no one has seen a need for something in the past few months, it’d be better served being donated or recycled if possible.

For things that should be kept, take time to carefully consider the storage of all your items. Keep as much as possible off the countertops, and ensure that you place everything thoughtfully somewhere that makes sense, so it will be easily located when needed again.

Keeping Things in Your Black Kitchen Minimal

You should now have all the basic tools you’ll need to style your black kitchen minimalist. The trick moving forward is to keep this mindset. Neglecting it could lead to you slowly adding more and more clutter. Over enough time, you probably wouldn’t even notice it happening until it was too late.

Avoid having to undertake a complete do over in the future by scheduling periodic declutter sessions. How often will depend on the level of activity in your kitchen and your own personal desire on just how minimal you’d like to keep things. For some, a few times a year is enough while others will need a monthly checkup.

Just be sure to keep the minimalist ideal always on the back of your mind and your kitchen should stay close to perfect year round, even during busy times like Thanksgiving and other holidays. Enjoy your stress-free, black kitchen full of only what is necessary!

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