Best Clipboard Manager Mac Apps

Copy and paste are two of the most common commands for the users of smart technologies. Majority of us even knows the hotkeys that do the job, that’s how regularly we use them! There are clipboard managers that are ready to help you improve your efficiency and raise your performance levels to the new heights!

Why do you need one?

Did you ever lose a big chunk of copied text after making a rookie mistake of forgetting to paste it right away and highlighting another portion of words, effectively erasing the memory in the buffer? God Forbid! If you work with paragraph stacked documents or thousand word files on a regular basis you will understand the genuine anger that unfortunate blunder triggers. Pure rage can be prevented, as there are specialized apps that are designed to absorb and retain the info you copied before. No need to punch the wall, all your data really can be restored!

Clipboard managers are there to ensure that not a single word gets lost in the shuffle. Every little detail of your text matters, losing even a fraction of it would lead to a lot of confusion and some extra work you didn’t plan to do. Saving and protecting your material is key to becoming an organized and proficient worker. Sometimes you can’t prevent a loss of info due to a device error or its sudden restart. That’s why you need a solid app that will cover up the working process mistakes and nullify the threat of bad misclicks.

List of recommended apps

MacOS does not have a clipboard manager installed into the system by default. That shouldn’t surprise you, as such a basic feature is already available and on the early thought doesn’t validate a creation of special software. But naturally, all the small issues come up when you are bumping straight into them. Such occurrences don’t happen all the time, but they strike you when you least expect it. To keep a hold of all the snippets, you dealt with during your work session you have to get one of the apps listed below.

1) Paste.By far the most graphically pleasing app that will store your text fragments and organize them in line with your wishes. The storage of Paste app has unlimited size. It is handy for users who like to manage their tables, images, texts, and codes at once and assign them to special, systematized folders. A user-friendly search engine would also help you find what you need, whenever you need it.

2) Copyclip.This clipboard manager is not as advanced as Paste but still gets the job done. It can only copy texts and table data, failing to replicate the formatting of the original content. Despite that, it is really easy to get accustomed to the simplicity of this utility. Proper integration and an absolute minimum of options to confuse you are the main selling points of this app.

3) Clipy.An open-source program that combines both simpleness and work rate. Able to copy a lot more substance than Copyclip, lets you decide on the type of info to be contained. Lots of features, diversity of working tools and free means of entry make this app a go-to option for online users.

4) Copy’em Paste.This alternative offers you a superior system of managing your entries. It can copy all the content you are putting your cursor on while displaying all the important controls on the main page. It’s easier to clean up due to its perfect arrangement if you would even need that option. It can also share the saved data across all device through iCloud, and then you will have problems trying to lose something!

5) Unclutter.Calling this app a clipboard manager is not accurate technically, it does a little more than your usual back up software. As the name suggests, it makes your desktop cleaner and makes up a bit of room for the critical documents and files. The clipboard feature is of course included! It is also open to saving every copied record, with the accessible edit option that affects the latest history.

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