Benefits of stainless steel watches

Have you ever wondered why some watches are made of stainless steel, and the rest are not? Did it ever occur to you that quality material determines, to a large extent, the longevity of your wrist candy? By now, you ought to know that the Filippo Loreti brand goes all out in producing the most exquisite range of watches, stainless steel watches included.

Why are stainless steel watch bracelets becoming more popular?

The higher class had always had an eye for aesthetically pleasing jewelry, but nowadays, more people outside the high class have caught the flu. From seeking a fascinating wristwatch to functional models, it is hard to keep an account of the troops of watch buyers at Filippo Loreti. Even though most buyers will give credence, first, to the aesthetics of the watch, others consider even more exciting features. 

One of these considerations is craftsmanship, spanning the type of material used to the intricacy of design. As for material, gold and silver used to be popular, but stainless steel material is on the rise as watch collectors now understand the many pros attached to it. Stainless steel bracelets, although new, are winning the hearts of watch collectors in recent times. Having discovered the benefits of stainless steel in Filippo Loreti watches, more people are purchasing them.

Why you should own a stainless steel watch

On exposure to air and moisture, ordinary alloy begins to rust. But what sets the stainless steel apart is an additional layer of chromium which bestows its stainless properties on it. A popular material in manufacturing kitchen sinks, surgical, and construction tools, stainless steel is known for its strength and biological inertness. These practical reasons back the popularity of stainless steel material in the watch industry as it is used in producing more than 80% of Filippo Loreti wristwatch cases.  

01 Corrosion-resistant

The anti-corrosive nature of stainless steel is perhaps the ultimate reason why they are of better quality than others. While iron succumbs to rust in moist air, stainless steel bracelets retain their shine and luster. The chemistry behind this is the high oxidation property of stainless steel, which prevents the watch from oxidizing or blackening when exposed to moisture. Hence, the Filippo Loreti Stainless Steel Collection is highly recommended for people with high transpiration rates. Check out the Okeanos Grey Steel Link (for men) and Essence Marble (for women), for example.

02 Non- allergic

Since stainless steel is inert, it is a go-to choice for people with sensitive skin. So far, there has been no account of skin irritations due to wearing a stainless steel wristwatch. Filippo Loreti Stainless Steel Collection is made of high-quality 316L stainless steel that controls the hardness and corrosion resistance of the watch. The Venice Moonphase Blue Gold, for instance, is a stainless steel moonphase watch with a 316L water-resistant stainless steel case. The Marble Silver White is a rare beauty, specially crafted for durability with an Italian Leather Strap, marble dials, and the 316L stainless steel casing. 

03 Longevity

Stainless steel outperforms other materials when the subject matter is durability. It is specially made to handle a series of wear and tear, thanks to its hardness. A construction worker who spends long hours in the sun, for instance, will enjoy his stainless steel watch because no matter the number of hours he spends on his job, his wrist candy will remain intact. This material is often considered to yield better returns on investment, considering that our Filippo Loreti watches have a 10-year warranty. Look at the Pilot Gulfstream design, a moonphase watch variant that has been manufactured for strength, accuracy, and precision even while airborne. 

04 Modern and timeless design

The Filippo Loreti Stainless Steel Collection tells a story of premium craftsmanship. Our watches have been subjected to intense custom-made manufacturing processes. What you have is a personalized timepiece, fortified with the 316L stainless steel for unique aesthetics and timeless appearance, making them the ideal heirlooms.

05 Easy to maintain

Stainless steel requires the barest inspection or maintenance practices because it is smudge-proof. Unlike other metals that stain easily, a little smear on a stainless steel wristwatch can be wiped off in a single stroke. For this reason, it is often the best candidate for carefree people. This black stainless steel mesh watch, Legio Granadier Mesh, is a great choice.

06 Best value

Getting returns on investment is a relevant topic in the watch industry. As stainless steel bracelets became more popular, it was discovered that the foremost reason was its value proposition. Apart from being relatively affordable, stainless steel models require low maintenance and are friendly to sensitive skin. What more can you ask for in a watch?

Filippo Loreti Stainless Steel Collection is the true definition of quality and versatility. Our stainless steel watches satisfy the goals of buying these models in the first place. Add that to the remarkable engraving and overall design of each watch, what you get is a unique timepiece that is great for fashion and adventure. 

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