Benefits of Double Glazing

With the advancement of technology, the production and use of windows also change. Their performance is continuously being upgraded. All this happens in order to improve the quality of our lives through energy efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and a healthier environment. 

Among so many different models on the market, double-glazed glasses are the first choice of many. Their installation brings many advantages over traditional windows. Read more about the history of double glazing on this link.

Improved Insulation Properties

The main characteristic of the double-glazed glass is its insulating ability. The heat transfer coefficient defines this feature—the lower this number, the better the thermal insulation. At the same time, the level of heat retention is higher. These glasses were made to maintain a stable temperature inside regardless of the weather outside.

The technology implemented in the double glazing has many benefits. Due to the dry air or inert gas between two layers of glass, sound waves cannot pass through them. The compressed air inside these layers ‘breaks’ the noise and thus reduces its volume.

Prevent UV Radiation

The harmfulness of UV radiation is enormous. We protect ourselves by various means and avoid direct exposure to the sun. But we often forget that UV rays and temperature changes can also damage the furniture. The wooden pieces dry and rot inside, and the leather movables start to crack.

The double glazing glass cannot completely block the harmful rays. But these windows can significantly reduce UV radiation. Windows with extra UV-protective coat have even better performance. They provide better heat retention. The installation of these windows will maintain the optimal temperature inside the room.

Easy to Maintain

On single-glazed windows, you can often notice water droplets on the inside. That especially happens during the winter. Droplets are a product of condensation. They appear due to temperature differences between the surface of the glass and the air inside the house. 

Two layers of glass make double-glazed windows heat-resistant. The inner layer has nothing to do with the outside, and it’s not directly exposed to heat or cold. The glass inside the house has almost the same temperature as the room. That’s why these windows have a better anti-condensation effect than single-glazed panes.

Condensation is the main culprit for the deterioration of house openings. When there’s no moisture, there’s no need for repairs and replacement of carpentry. Experts from Windows Are Us recommend only regular cleaning and dust removal. Too much dirt can cause the glass to change color, but also to penetrate inside the window. But if they’re sealed professionals, that won’t happen.

Extra Aesthetic Value

When designed, double-glazed windows were intended for modern buildings. Today, these glasses can fit into a large number of architectural styles. So we don’t have to worry whether modern carpentry will ruin the authenticity of the building. Double-glazed glasses can be custom-made and adapted to every type of construction.

When our home (or office space) looks original and leaves the impression of a compact whole, its sales value is higher. The house with modern windows looks more attractive. It sends a sign to the buyer that the current property owner invests both in comfort and energy efficiency.Economical Solution

Economical Solution

Double-glazed glasses are economical in many ways. Due to the high degree of heat retention inside the room, this type of carpentry will save us money on heating bills. If we replace house openings with newer models with double glazing, the annual savings would be significant. But it’s also good to know that the repair expenses of these windows are pretty much low, compared to what these glasses offer.

When the facility is well-insulated and with quality windows, the whole heating system will be much efficient. We will need less electricity, gas, and other fuels. As well as being good for your budget, double glazing it’s also good for global health. Lower energy consumption means lower emissions and a healthier environment.

The role of carpentry is no longer just to bring light and fresh air into the house. Today, all house openings are made according to the needs of clients and the possibilities of the space. Their purpose is to make every facility more beautiful, comfortable, and energy-efficient. 

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