Be.e Scooter

The Be.e is a fully-electric bio scooter by Van.eko with a robust hull-shaped frame composed of hemp, flax, and synthesized cellulose fibers. Basically, the frame is a hemp-based plastic that’s durable and resilient enough for the producers to confidently attach a 4 year warranty to it.

They decided to use these materials, not only for their strength and long-lasting properties, but also because they are from natural, renewable and sustainable sources. When it comes to performance, this sustainable e-scooter model can also be equally compared to top scooter brands featured on ScooterAdviser. Power and speed can’t be out of the question and can’t be far from the top scooter brands in the market today.

Its not too shabby in the performance department either: a powerful 4kW electric motor combined with 2kWh (or 4kWh) of battery power lets the retro scooter reach speeds of up to 30 mph with a 50-mile range.


It is important to note that all the materials we use in current industries of course come from natural resources. Even common plastics which are derived from crude oil where once a tree, a plant or an animal. However, it took over a million years to convert these organic origins into oil, to then manipulate the oil in refiners to make the base materials for current plastics.


So the materials we use took just one harvesting season to be created, we then manipulate these resources to be made into a durable material and use it in a scooter that will be around for another 10 years or more before we return the materials into the resource cycle.


An additional advantage of these materials is that we create a temporary carbon-dioxide storage. As the plants grow they take up CO2 from the atmosphere, we then keep this CO2 stored in the NFC for the life cycle of the product and return it to the atmosphere at end of life.


For every x amount of NFC we sequester an x amount of CO2. As long as we build enough durable NFC products, we should be able reduce the supposed excess of CO2 in our atmosphere.


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