Battery Box

You probably already have a backup batteries for your phone or tablet by now, but what’s your strategy when your Macbook battery runs low?

BatteryBox fits into the palm of your hand and has enough charge for 100% of a Macbook Air – or 8 iPhones. It’s small and looks cute, but let’s get into the numbers which are most important when considering the purchase of a backup battery:

  • 50Whr battery which means 12 hours of a Macbook Air, 6 hours of Macbook Pro, or 8 iPhones
  • LED status indicator so you’ll always know your power levels with a push of a button.
  • A battery smarter than your Macbook
  • Last 3000 full charge and discharge cycles, and still retain 96% of capacity after 5 years.


And Battery Box is clever as well. When you draw power from it, it bypasses and feeds power directly to the Mac in an effort to minimize the number of cycles (and stress) on the internal battery. However, anything plugged into the USB port is charged as normal.

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