Bantam Wallet

It’s unfortunate that credit card scanning has become a reality but manufacters are already devising ways to combat the scanners/scammers. The Bantam Wallet claims to be the world’s thinnest premium leather customizable RFID blocking wallet. This means, with the use of very thin RFID blocking cards, your wallet blocks blocks all incoming reception. The wallet also looks pretty cool and is the first wallet we have featured that is made from Kangaroo leather.

Kangaroo leather is the toughest leather. Its very thin, durable and light and yet has a higher tensile strength than any other leather. Even when its cut thinner it still keeps most of its strength. This is because the hide contains virtually no fat due to the Australian environment which can cause holes and weakness when tanning.


mmminimal reader, James Watson, is trying to raise money to get these little guys into production so if you dig, head over to their IndieGogo page.

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