Ask Yourself 4 Questions to Determine Your Family’s Smartphone Needs

You do your best to effectively determine your family’s needs when it comes to smartphones, but it is tricky because everyone’s needs and tastes are different. Add to that the variety of smartphones on the market and it’s a wonder anyone can settle on a decision at all.

There are some key considerations you can explore before deciding on your next smartphone and signing a contract.

1. Have You Collected All of the Data on Your Data Usage?

If you notice a creeping increase of cellphone data by yourself and various family members each month, you are not alone. The more powerful smartphones have become, the hungrier users have become for more and more high-speed cellular data, according to Time. You do not want to buy too much data that may go unused—essentially wasted since you can’t carry it over—but you do not want your spouse to run out of high-speed data during an important meeting. The key is to assess everyone’s current usage, so calculate an average of data usage over the past six months and then find a plan that is a close match.

2. Does Your Carrier Make It Easy to Maintain Your Minimal Lifestyle?

If you and your family are committed to minimalism in order to reduce your environmental impact with your technological purchases, you definitely want to find a carrier that will allow for that has a program for you to trade in your phone. With carriers like T-Mobile, you can use the online estimate checker to determine the value of your current device before ordering your new phone or phones for your whole family. This simple step lets you know the cost of your new investment, as well as providing you with some welcome savings toward your new phone and contract.

This easy and eco-friendly option gives you the assurance that your old phones will be refurbished or recycled without adding clutter to your home until you can find someone who can use them.

3. Are Your Children Ready for Their Own Smartphones?

Perhaps you have only had basic, no-frills phones with a limited cellular plan for your children up until now. However, now they are begging for something more elaborate, or maybe they need a smartphone to stay competitive in the classroom. Any hesitation you may feel about this upgrade is not unwarranted. Castle View Academy notes that studies have shown that at least half of all smartphone users under age 18 are addicted to their devices. This can lead to distraction in class, at home and even among friends, hindering basic social connection.

4. What Features Do You Need?

While your needs may fall toward the simpler side, your spouse may need massive storage capacity to download mobile apps for work. Your children may need various calculators or apps to help with tricky classroom subjects, which are associated with one operating system over another. Before investing in new smartphones and signing your next contract, gather a list of everyone’s needs to make sure the entire family is fully covered for the duration of the contract.

Just a decade ago, it would have been difficult to imagine the complexities that consumers face today when choosing new smartphones and contracts. By taking a look at your lifestyle, philosophies, past usage and specific needs of each family member, you can help streamline your efforts.

James Daniels is a freelance writer, business enthusiast, a bit of a tech buff, and an overall geek. He is also an avid reader, who can while away hours reading and knowing about the latest gadgets and tech, whilst offering views and opinions on these topics.

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