Asbestos Exposure: Can You Claim Compensation?

Ongoing asbestos exposure can cause a medical disease called mesothelioma. If someone experiences this condition, they may be able to recover damages. However, the amount of compensation they can claim varies based on the situation.

A smart step for someone to take if they are dealing with mesothelioma or asbestos exposure is to contact an attorney, such as Hare Wynn. For those who are unsure how to get started with filing a claim or even if they have a right to compensation, keep reading.

How Long Does It Take to Acquire Compensation?

The amount of time it takes someone to receive compensation is dependent on the type of claim that is filed. For example, if someone is waiting on a verdict from a jury, it may take years. However, some defendants may decide to settle before a verdict is reached. In some cases, this can happen in just a few months. Money that is paid from asbestos trusts will usually arrive within a few months of filing a claim.

Deciding if someone should file a lawsuit for their condition is an important one. This is especially true if the person is dealing with the stress related to having a terminal illness. Hiring an attorney will help the individual know how long it will likely be before they receive compensation.

What is an Asbestos Trust Fund?

Some company manufacturers produced products that contained asbestos and who filed for bankruptcy because of the many lawsuits that were filed against them. This does not mean that the companies are not being punished or that they have escaped liability. During the process of setting up bankruptcy protection, manufacturers who used asbestos had to set up a fund with sufficient funds to compensate for any future asbestos victim. Most of the funds have hundreds of millions of dollars in them. Some have billions.

If an individual developed mesothelioma because of asbestos exposure from a product made by a company that filed for bankruptcy, the legal claim is processed through the trust, rather than the court system. Usually, trust fund claims will be processed faster than a mesothelioma lawsuit because they are not processed in court. In this situation, most claimants will receive the owed compensation in a few months.

What to Do When Filing a Mesothelioma Lawsuit?

When someone needs funds to cover medical costs or other expenses, then filing a mesothelioma personal injury lawsuit may be a smart option. If an individual passes away due to mesothelioma, the estate may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

There are two different types of lawsuits that can be filed. These include a personal injury claim or a wrongful death claim. If the defendants in the case refuse to settle, and the case goes before a jury, it can take longer to receive the deserved compensation. Also, every case related to asbestos exposure is unique, which is why hiring legal representation is so important.

When it comes to filing a lawsuit due to asbestos exposure, there are many factors to consider. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to know what options are available. Being informed and knowing what rights a person has will help them get the deserved compensation. Keep in mind, having an attorney can help with this, too.

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